Be realistic; Stop expecting from people


Do your very best, accept yourself, be in harmonious alignment and divine union with yourself; what are you trying to expect from others that you are already abundantly enriched with?

There is no point waiting for that phone call; that e mail; that message; that news; roll up your sleeves and get diligently and with the focus of your pure awareness in doing what is legitimate, essential and relevant for you instead of waiting; since if you keep waiting aimlessly, you could be waiting all along your lives and then feel more miserable, all because you opted; all because you sought to trust in some fancy words of someone, somewhere who just for that moment spoke loftily but never intended to ever fulfill what they meant at all.

So let go of all the illusions and stop eluding the greatness and gracefulness of your true nature that you keep diminishing and it keeps re emerging and inspiring; evoking your conscious awareness to live your life to its fullest potential by doing what is righteous for yourselves and others conscientiously.  Its not that this world is heartless, but rather it is predominantly the essence of principles and values; everybody must integrally play their respective roles to their fullest potential in order to ensure the equanimous balance is diligently maintained; since if someone keeps deriving without doing their part, then it overburdens the shoulders of those, that are ingeniously striving, but they also truly deserve a break and that feeling of achievement that is for all of us; but they would feel disappointed if someone kept taking away the cake all the time without actually contributing nothing at all to the goodwill, to the harmoniousness and to the welfare of the completeness wholeness of creation ingeniously; Would you like it if you were in their shoes? For sure no, so why blame them please; carefully understand and seriously realize and do what is true to your nature and nature to your truth, God bless.

© 2015 Vashi Chandi

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