Ready to go to heaven? Having to go true radiance


What were you thinking please? Heaven is a place on earth, right within the gracious wisdom of your ever gracious hearts and ever creative intelligence. Some of us have the time to do everything under heaven but don’t have the timing to true every think in what we’re having?

What a paradox, predicament and mysterious dilemma indeed since having the taughts, we keep searching within a sporadic retinue of incessantly infinite thoughts?

Reflect upon the priceless values, the remarkable teachings, the noble principles and priceless treasures of your dignified heritage of the true morality of life’s excellence, you will realize that that which you have been seeking is right here, absolutely right where you are righteously thinking, acting, expressing and living the core definition of the divine essence of your being ever conscientiously, graciously, gratefully, gratuitously and meritoriously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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