Social Media Networks Safety Advisory for Children, Teenagers and Youngsters


Indeed, do not divulge your confidential details or any sensitive information including your address, your contact details or even post your like’s and dislikes or other information that is private and belongs to you.

You are not going to achieve any fame or popularity by declaring all your complete privileged information online, rather you would be exposing yourselves to unknown sets of dangers lurking online, beware; be aware and practice mindfulness and pure awareness; think before you act rather than just react before you think and say; oh so what, you are tech savvy, etc. Do not be too proud for when the fall comes pride does not help, pure awareness helps please;better is prevention than cure or in other words better to protect and safeguard rather than keep loosing and weeping? But why, you are being pre advised, you are being pre cautioned for a legitimate and with your very best interests in our minds and hearts please;, we all wish you all  children, all teenagers and all youngsters well please, take care, be well and God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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