The Tragedy of Lack of Jobs for the Middle Aged? Its the Attitude, Not the Altitude

richard-nelson-bolles-quotesFind+yourself Finding an suitable employment for middle aged has become almost like taking an expedition to the moon?

Well, its about one’s attitude, one’s outlook and one’s determination that plays an instrumental role in the process rather than the actual indexes of the state of affairs.

However despite all the smiles across the miles, indeed, there is a hard uphill battle that middle aged professionals encounter and experience a sort/type of discrimination where they are shunned in favor of more younger candidates, that’s the sad reality of life nowadays but the glad reality of life is that enormous efforts are being undertaken by the respective departments/organizations to assist and facilitate the relevant placements; however its a matter of time as well as the time of matter; of the shuddh bhav-pure intent; the pure awareness of the pure energies of persevering relentlessly towards attaining improvements rather than just demonstrating the proving; remember, it is improve and not just prove; for when we focus on (improving) improve, there is the i’m prove factor that emanates from the core essence of one’s being to radiantly shine forth in attending to the respective objectives amazingly and remarkably, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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