Birth Approval


This article is being written particularly to uplift those souls who are wandering elusively? Without ever having accepted themselves at all? Who are living in the mysterious illusion and regretfulness/resentfulness that they have been born in the wrong place/time?

No one may ever been regarding them well at all? Considering them eligible for any respectfulness at all? Or even guiding them at all? Shunning them will not help at all, since they have shunned themselves all their lives and the more they are shunned, the more they are hurting themselves? Thenceforth these individuals may have been yet further isolating themselves and hiding behind self erected screens and refusing to come out and joyfully participate in their societies, but why please?

They have been born and truly deserve the relevant opportunities that they can very well fulfill and thereby shine forth in their lives but due to the unfortunate tragic delusion of depreciating themselves and not being able to come forward at all, they may have been discreetly falling down in their own self esteem zone completely, but why please? Why should they be subject to or punish themselves so unfairly? Sometimes a few minutes of introspection and healthy self talk and recognition of one’s true worth every day could possibly help millions of people to remarkably improve their lives please.

Someone should take the initiative towards reaching across to them, to make them realize, to make them feel accepted since they have been refusing to accept themselves. so, perhaps they maybe reading and typing in the search for some word to do with birth, well this is where this short article humbly seeks to reaffirm righteously that they have been righteously born; that all they have is right all along the way, the only obstructing factor that is standing in between is their self acceptance, because all their lives, they have refused to ever respect and consider and accept themselves, they have been living in a state of denial and not able to experience the liberty and freedom of even leading a normal dignified life?

So the message for them is – You have been born in the right place at the right time within the right Family with the right principles as well as the right divine wisdom and priceless values.

Everything is absolutely right about you, it is only that life seeks your acknowledgement; your consent; your sacred approval to realize and graciously accept yourself as you truly are; then all else will wonderfully fall into its right place and placement accordingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Understand? Stand Under? Do you know what you stand for?


Seek to realize and align yourselves with what you are able to carefully and completely understand and do not just pledge your support for anything and everything just like that.

What you stand for in your lives is extremely integral and affects everything else about you, so do not just treat it casually and overlook what you stand for; what your aims are; what you intend to achieve in your lives; perhaps you may not understand somethings, but that does not mean that you are just going to go with the crowd and just jump in the joining anything and everything because they do; be extremely selective and tenaciously wise for whatever you do is being done back to you as well and there are somethings that you just cannot unsubscribe from or erase your association with, for once you do something, that is done and remains as a permanent credential and record; evidence; so before doing anything and everything, think very most carefully and think how much ever but don’t get carried away or lured or enticed or swayed or attracted or infatuated or impressed or mislead or negligently distracted for what you don’t understand could sometimes become the very greatest challenge of your lives; so when you know that fire burns, don’t play with the fire; when you know how serious a reputation is earned over a lifetime, don’t taint your and your Family’s or Company’s reputation by indulging in any kind/type of dishonest or unsocial actions; comply with the respective laws, rules and regulations for just saying you did not know will not help; you are supposed to understand and your are strictly expected to understand somethings by heart and by mind and by conscience and by consciousness and by your soul as well as your complete being as well please; take care, be diligent, be prudent, be tenacious, be responsible and ever graciously wise, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Money and Work


Don’t just work for the money; rather let the money work for you.This is when you love what you do and do what you love; when you are working with the shuddh bhavana; with pure intentionality; with the attitude of pure awareness; ensuring explicit observance of the respective principles and values governing life and creation in everything that you think, do and express conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Everybody is marking the calendars? Gazing at the stars? Reflecting on their astrological paradigms?



Indeed, millions of people live according to their astrological predictions?

With all due respect, the stars, the zodiac signs and the constellations of the planets that are there in our birth charts are an integral element of our solar consciousness and the cosmic consciousness, both of which are an consonant part and path of our lives; there to declare the statements of our divine essence, however that does not mean that we cannot aspire to create the destiny that we enchantingly cherish; but do remember that we have also been ordained with the remarkable power to write our destinies provided we ensure explicit observance of the respective codes, the respective commandments, the respective dharma’s; the respective laws; the respective rules; the respective regulations and the respective evolutionary parameters that are all forever seeking our pureness of awareness in all that we think do and express with due diligence, prudent, utmost responsibility, tenacity and our ever gracious wisdom conscientiously.

With pure awareness, with our shuddh bhavana-pure intentionality-attitude of pureness in all that we think, do and express conscientiously, there truly is nothing that can stand in our way or obstruct our advancement and progressive pathways across the wonderfulness of this ever gracious life.

It is our understanding, it is our perception that needs to clarify and look at things in their right perspective and frame of mind, for from that approach, there is a far lot more that will remarkably change and incredibly transform in our lives respectively.

Then onwards it is not marking the calendar; it is life demarcating the call in there; there means right here, within the sacred realms of our higher consciousness, of our trueselves; of our true nature and of our divine essence. We keep reflecting on that calendar always which is all right, but do not become so integrally dependent and helplessly reliant especially where your fate is concerned, for the call in there; within the sanctified realms of your higher selves demarcates and sets the pristine boundaries of ever expanding confluence of greater wonderfulness; greater graciousness, greater conscientiousness and the greater greatness that was truly yours, that is truly yours and that will always be truly yours as you will truly be, Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Relationships break apart? Think again

58-lifeadvancer.comHigh clouds

Relationships do not break apart, they break a path; the sacred path of creation and evolution where it concerns those who are defying the integral essence of what unites them. Carefully remember that the part can experience a breakage but the path never ever breaks, it is always prevalent with resolute determination and optimism, right from infinity to eternity with its priceless divine principles and values of being the oneness of who we truly were, are and will always be.

So never say, focus upon or resonate that relationships break apart; they are actually breaking a path; now to get back on that sanctified path, its a matter of realization; of shedding the egoistical consciousness and embracing the completeness of our being’s graceful wisdom to be able to integrate the divine essence of being that’s there within us and within who we relate to, to elucidate its divine oneness; for when we call from that pedestal, the outlook of our lives will completely transform and make us realize that the petty things we were fighting for or staunchly defending the perception, the mindfulness and the divine essence of first of all experiencing our completeness, our wholeness, our wonderfulness, our gracefulness; for when we are fulfilled from within, then what’s there all around us will amazingly derives its meritorious through the auspices of our mutual self realization process and then we humbly and very most profusely with utmost humility and the greatest reverence and the highest respectfulness and scintillating gratitude express our profound thanks to the divine that is there within all of creation, Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Brain Mind Connection, Unifying Consciousness





Since we train the brain as well as integrally connect with our brain through the auspices of our mind; and then we have our consciousness with its gracious wisdom; there is a matter of unifying consciousness where we are able to align with ourselves as one and experience a greater potentiality in whatever we think, do and express conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Cyclone? Seek Clone? The Epi Center is Empowered From a Calm Center


In life, if we are agitated, frustrated, flabbergasted or upset and try to acquire and keep filling ourselves with mysterious sets of negative tendencies, all that will actually result is that the intensity of the events, the incidents, the scenarios and the situations will only intensify and expand to further augment far much more.

So why not practice the wiser approach of practicing mindfulness and calmness please; it is far better than any cloning or trying to copy the ferocity and the negligent habits and impulses of intensifying negative emotional tendencies please; take care, be calm, be focused, be disciplined, be pure awareness, be prudent, be wise and be well, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Life is pointless? Who told you? Think and Feel Honestly, No Drama Please


The captioned tile is seeking to refer to the following:-

Life is pointless?

It should be:-

Life is point-less. Indeed, stop pointing, stop blaming and stop interfering in others lives and take greater genuine interest and pay more careful attentiveness to your lives please.

It is also seeking to imply and exemplify the urgent need for point less but appoint more; which means to schedule appointments all across our lives; discipline and characterize the very integral essence of our lives instead of living it waywardly, letting anything and everything to toss us here,there or anywhere?

Unless we appoint, our lives will keep on going on in the manner that we are pointing, however once we earnestly appoint and take charge, life appreciates our sense of mindfulness; our sense of discipline and our essence of devotion and thereby we start experiencing a greater and more profound gracefulness in all that we think, do and express amazingly.

With reference to the above image, that is too dramatic and not true, life is never pointless, it is we who make it so; we are having our higher consciousness; our true nature; our trueselves and our divine essence always with us; we should not be so helplessly dependent on someone that we completely loose our purposefulness in living and exclaiming aimlessly; everyone knows how we feel for one another, but everyone also appreciates our own sense of self worth; our divine sense of self esteem; our true essence of belonging true ourselves primarily please. I mean that we cannot keep over and over exclaiming and wailing that we are nothing, that only further depreciates our sense of belonging true ourselves; that is not the right and purposeful way of living authentically please.Of course we are human beings and being human and have our feelings and our sentiments but with all due respect, there comes a point in our lives when we have to not compromise but to come promise+true calm promise ourselves to make ourselves so very strong and so very resilient that we could be the source of amazing inspiration, courage, confidence and motivation to millions of people including our very own selves, that is what life is all about, for when we take good, proper and responsible care of ourselves, then life further fulfills us with the graciousness and gratitude of being and feeling infinite from within our higher consciousness and evolving conscientiously, Shiva Shakti bhava.

Regarding the captioned title for the other part, who told you? and the think and feel honestly and the need for no drama please; its true that no one is interested in what you did, what you are going to do; people keep posting on social networking web site, today there were here; then they sneezed? then they had coffee and with a little bit of sugar and then they went for a walk? and then they were going across the road?….. and so on and so forth; in reality, don’t make your lives a spectacle, rather use that same amount of time to do something constructive and resourceful; and then those very same people will genuinely appreciate you and be keen to know what you have “achieved”- what you are “achieving”; that it, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Thoughts and Feelings; The Implantations of Life’s Lessons


And do remember to conscientiously feel as well; not just think and then sprout the seeds thinking that that’s it; nurture the soil of the soul with the gracious wisdom of your magnificence.

Millions of people think well over sixty to seventy thousand+ thoughts per day; they forget completely to feel since all the know is to connect to their thoughts; the purity, the shuddh bhavana-pure intentions-the pure attitudes of their feelings remain forever in a mode of depletion? Yearning fro self recognition which can be remarkably achieved primarily through the practice of mindfulness and pure awareness.

So don’t just go by quotes and sayings alone; for within you there is a greater and more sacred divine intelligence that has been guiding you ever since you were born; take a few minutes every day early in the morning to practice meditative consciousness; to experience your oneness with your higher consciousness; with your true selves; with your true nature and your divine essence which will impart you with the essential wisdom that is imperatively required for you to apply in your daily lives and gracious evolution.


Ask some people what they were thinking, they readily respond that they were thinking about that aspect that they have been thinking ever since so very long? on and on and on……..; never switching or ever taking even a few moments away from certain thoughts at all? Thinking that only with the greater depth of the intensity of their critical thinking and mindfulness alone that they would be able to resolve and find amicable resolutions?

Its like they detach themselves away from any feelings at all; almost as if they really do not know how and what feelings are?; like as if they do not know how it feels and then they remember all – all and all very much more how others made them feel all along for years and years carrying that feeling good factor or converse? But when will some of us make ourselves feel good and fulfilled so that we could be able to join the creative intelligence of our thinking along with the gracious and shuddh bhavana-purest intentions-graciously wise attitude towards enriching ourselves with the feeling good factor.

They look in the mirror and briefly rush through to get back to their thinking mode and then feel something and push away those feelings to replace them more predominantly with the thinking, thinking that their thinkology will bring forth splendid and amazing sets of visions that could greatly contribute to their much awaited evolution?

Do what is good, do what is pure and do what is righteous which is to ensure that what you have been entrusted with is duly taken appropriate care of; treat your feelings considerately as well; and if you want to reduce your thoughts to few thousands lesser by removing the wasteful and ignorant thoughts, please do so and replace that space within you being with the feeling good, with the feeling of your gracious wisdom, with the feelings of your pure awareness and with the feelings of the greatness that could be revitalizing and replenishing you with some remarkable confidence and clarity in being able to think better.

The key ingredient for thinking better is not just think in betterness but also the pure gracious wisdom of your feelings from which the purest awareness brings forth greater clarity to your perception in being able to resourcefully utilize what you already have to empower you and thereby strengthen you to live your life to its fullest potential; by being true to your nature as well as nature to your truth;by completing yourselves as life always compliments you; remember you are as complete as life is, the difference is life knows and is ever content and gratuitous but since some of your thoughts have crept in between your thoughts and feelings, making your ego dominate and keep telling you another several thousands sets of errant messages which thereby makes you feel exhausted and not having the interest, the passion or the commitment factor in whatever you do? But why please? Let your thoughts and feelings be your assets and learn to treat them with dignity and care and learn to+true think better and to+true feel better conscientiously for you are truly worth it and all that you think and do+true is all that you are drawing towards you and many a time, there might be somethings that only you are making yourselves feel whereas the situations might be otherwise, so do not just keep mis interpreting and making 2+2=5 scenarios; that does not work, clarify your perception and be logical, be rationale and be graciously wise for what you have been ordained and entrusted is what needs to be prioritized and not something that just came along the way on some social networking website, those or other guidance factors should not take you away from your feeling good or feeling better; you should not be obsessively reliant solely on social media to stimulate you and to inspire you; within you there is a symposium of the greatest nourishing inspiration and wonderfulness; seek to embrace that gracious divine potential that always seeks that you fulfill yourselves with the gracious abundance of feeling good, of feeling the purity and of thinking of the creative intelligence of your evolution conscientiously, Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi