Before Birth? Before Death? Before Breath; Be for Breath


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Woman breathing outdoors with head back and eyes closed



Before birth, the child struggles and gasps for each breath. Before death, the body likewise struggles to continue breathing. In between, when we are alive, hale and healthy; having every fortunate precious second of our lives; we maybe focusing far too much on too many things and giving less importance to our conscious breathing?

Do you have enough time to breathe? Then you will have enough breath through time. Regarding the conscious deeper breathing, its not about rushing and just trying to pant and gasp; but rather truly breathing and enjoying each and every breath; inhaling deeply and then exhaling deeply out, whereby its like we are joining along with nature in breathing ourselves.Learn to truly enjoy each and every conscious breath and experience your gracious oneness with it for it energizes and provides you with tremendous energy and nourishment for each and every one of your cells as well as your complete being amazingly.

All along, it is nature that was breathing us; now with our conscious engagement, we are enjoying the nature we breathe and nature enjoys us all the more and also then with regulating our breathing, we are able to intensify our focus, our concentration during our meditation consciousness schedules in the early morning hours.

Whether you prefer yoga or even some simple breathing exercises, always be consciously aware of the breath, of the moment and allow the complete being to be in alignment and harmonious consonance with the amazing process of each and every breath.

Look at the giant turtles, they live for hundreds of years; it is estimated that a human being breathes about fifteen times every minute versus the giant turtles breathing only about three to four times every minute.

It does not mean to restrict or restraint your breath; no, that is not being intended, rather it is about being relaxed with the flow of your breath, but then endeavoring to breath little by little when during the early morning hours, when practicing our meditative consciousness; to experience each breath and its pureness, as well as to focus upon it as it is what has been with us ever since, energizing us and providing us with remarkable energy.

Remember, the idea is not only age orientation; but about the greater wellness and well being of one and all for when we are joyful and having everything better managed, we are able to perform more better and be the true source of joy for ourselves and others; our productivity, our concentration, our focus, our resourcefulness and out attitude is  more devoted towards the value of our values; we then do not rush to do anything just like that; rather, our thinks and things gravitate us towards better and greater opportunities and synchronization of aspects, events, serendipitious co incidences due to the virtue of our being true to our nature as well as nature to our truth; as well as being consistently focused upon our thoughts, actions and expressions and bringing them all in line; aligned with the true divine essence of our being conscientiously, let each and every breath fulfill you with the graciousness, the goodness, the greatness of living your lives conscientiously, diligently, devotedly, enthusiastically, equanimatiously, gratuitously, fulfillingly, promisingly, purposefully, responsibly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

What a tragedy?


Some people do not know much but keep on pretending as if they know far much more? By so doing they are actually misleading others and in the bargain themselves as well.

This world is not a mirage; everything is authentic, genuine and real demanding ingenuity, authenticity and reality please and most of all the practice of mindfulness and pure awareness please, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi