Refugee Crisis; Look at the Amazing Hopefulness in the Children’s Eyes


Indeed,the children who having lost all and so very much more; where some of them no longer have their Families with them are ever hopeful and ever graciously and cheerfully looking forward to facing their lives. Reflecting upon their attitudes makes us wonder as to whether those engaged in these conflicts are of the same lands where the conflicts are going on? Because no one ever destroys their own heritage, their divine principles and divine values at all.

The refugee crisis is lamentably intensifying and despite the remarkable efforts and initiatives being taken by several nations; it keeps growing far more alarmingly where innocent children loose out the most of all.

Their families, their homes, their belongings, absolutely everything is either gone or destroyed and who is going to occupy the lands they were forced to+are being forced to  leave/evict please? Are those engaged in the cruel conflicts ever going to realize that they are incurring the greatest crimes and eventually cannot be able to irrigate the barren lands for even nature, the environment and all of creation is completely against any such plundering, looting and persecution of innocent living beings please. If there is no irrigation, whatever else maybe there will all be in sheer vain because brutally snatching away people’s livelihoods and forcing them to desperately fleet entices the wrath and fury of creation on the wrongdoers in one form and time or another’s as is ordained according to the principality, doctrines and tenets of creation please.

The point is that with the intensified conflicts, what do those engaged in these shocking fighting’s ever going to achieve please? They put up a flag on someone else’s land after having treacherously invaded and defied the territorial integrity of millions of families, so how could they ever consider themselves victorious or proud at all?

Praying and hoping that some amicable peaceful resolutions are identified whereby those that are still living there in the lands continue to stay there instead of fleeing away and that those who have desperately fled return back to their lands and resume their peaceful lives all over again; God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Photo Attribution:

Source Refugee children from Syria at a clinic in Ramtha, northern Jordan

Author DFID – UK Department for International Development

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