Ascribe, Describe, Subscribe God

quote-worship-is-the-specific-act-of-ascribing-to-god-the-glory-majesty-honor-and-worthiness-jerry-bridges-53-28-62Some people want to describe God. Some others want to ascribe God. Then further yet; some more others want to subscribe to God.

Whatever we do with pure devotion; with shuddh bhavana – the pure intention and attitude of our pure awareness achieves and accomplishes; says it all without any words ever being expressed so very most amazingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Gently, Mindfully and with Pure Awareness, Exercising and Healing ourselves Through our Fingers


Realize carefully, its the gracious flow of energy and the pivotal balance. So nothing in a hurry or anything in a pressurizing or lack of attention of multi tasking manner.Devote a few minutes every day early in the morning during your meditative consciousness practice schedule to “gently” nurture your fingers and importantly note that don’t try anything more or beyond.

As you can notice from the above, it is the gentle merger of the tips of the respective fingers that are being very most gently and mindfully pressed; yet again, all is done with utmost mindfulness and gentleness, its like so many years may have passed, we may not have ever thought of nourishing and flexing our fingers, practicing the exercise of gently pressing the tips and although doing this briefly yet lovingly and caringly and conscientiously and mindfully and with the pure awareness of our being.

We may never have realized that the energy zones that are within our being could actually be remarkably and gently nourished and nurtured though the slight and gentle pressing of the tips of our respective fingers in a disciplined manner that is naturally having the sacredness and the art as well as the heart of gentleness. We gently connect the respective fingers and do everything very most gently and not expecting any immediate or swift results, but rather doing this out of pure love for our own selves; our fingers have been serving us faithfully all along, now let us devote a few minutes, at least five minutes everyday morning to practice the respective gentle exercises please.

This is not any calisthenics, martial arts training or any other such discipline please; rather it is humbly the most simplest and the very most gentlest manner of affectionately pressing the tips of our fingers and then doing this in a sequential manner; say for 4 to 5 times gently pressing the tips of the respective fingers; then altogether, without any rush or hurrying or any such thing, being able to remarkably complete the process well within about 5 minutes. For sure, five minutes per day to devote for our fingers and always in a very gentle and mindful way is truly deserving and its our fingers after all; we definitely need to be caring and conscientious about complimenting and meritoriously attending to our fingers to revitalize our energy zones that are spread throughout our being, time and again, doing whatever is done in the most mindful, gentlest and attentive+responsible manner and way please.

There is no quick fix, there is no short cut and there is no substitute to what is already being there; this/these simplest of the most basic finger exercises also referred to as mudras are only and explicitly for “gently” flexing the fingers in the most “gentlest” and mindful manner; never over pressure or distract or completely depend on this/these by itself. Its is reflexing the energy zones that are connecting to other parts of our bodies please, always be gentle please, mindful and responsible as well as ensure pure awareness and complete/total concentration please.

Your safety and well being is extremely important; IF you experience discomfort or are not sure, do not do anything that is not understandable and achievable; remember yet again, there is no competition, there is no contest here and neither is it about running any race or winning anything at all; all it is humbly about is your well being; so if you may want to or do not want to practice, it is your choice and complete/total responsibility please; there is no one suggesting or discouraging; it is entirely your choice please, take care, be well, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Being us

21069The one part is most of us are behind all of us. The other part is all of us are besides most of us.Now the best path is how much are we each actually along with ourselves please?

Its not that we are missing something or someone so much as that belonging factor to our very own-selves that needs to+true be gratuitously acknowledged and divinely reciprocated please, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi