You’re fired? Some People Acquire through Loss and Some Others Loose through Acquisition?


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Value your employment and earnestly fulfill your duties conscientiously, diligently, focusedly, fulfillingly, gratuitously, honorably, intelligently, integrally,orderly, prudently, promisingly, responsibly, tenaciously and wisely.

Sometimes, there might be no second chance and no one can afford to loose their jobs because of negligence towards their assigned/ordained works; work time work, leisure time leisure, play time play, duty time is the duty time which is the beautifulness+bountifulness and graciousness of work, for work is worship please.

Realize what you work have is truly a blessing for there are millions of people who are unemployed and are struggling to be able to get a job leave alone your job; for them to get a dignified job is like the greatest dream of a lifetime and if you squander away your time just looking at the clock, or busy on social networking websites or trying to complete your personal works during your actual time to do your employers works; then that would be likewise attracting greater dangers and risks and completely jeopardizing the work status please.

Rather, seek to focus and with complete dedication and utmost sincerity bring forth greater value of values to the work always; always delivering good value and righteousness in all that you think, do and express conscientiously. The captioned title regarding the acquiring through loss through the process of ingeniously striving ahead and creating stupendously magnificent discoveries or even otherwise, remarkably unleashing the creative magnificent potential brilliance and admirable brilliant core competencies in all that one thinks, does and expresses conscientiously is commendable; and for those who loose through acquisition seeks to sadly refer to those who have employment, have everything going perfectly well but are constantly only reflecting upon the distant fields appearing as full of greenery and well irrigated?  Its like they are constantly focused and elsewhere rather than being where they truly must be with a sense of purposefulness and utmost responsibility, but why this mirage, this delusion and this mysterious illusive and eluding way of living ignorantly please? God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi