Happiness and Sadness; The Times of our Lives


Happiness brings us the sum of time. Sadness times the sum of our bringing. Its the divisibility of the sum of time that is either contracting or expanding in proportion to our attitude; of how we manage and intend to face the respective phases of our lives.

The main point that this is seeking to focus upon is that it is not actually time frames that are being pre determined or pre routinized; but rather the state of being; the way we feel that is filling and fulfilling our emotional tendencies.

It is such that when happy we don’t realize, how soon/quickly the time elapses and when experiencing grief/sadness, each moment seems almost like a lifetime. With all due respect, in any given state/frame of mind, we must ensure that we practice pure awareness and pure mindfulness to enable/help us to be cognizant of the way things are unfolding within as well as all around us and would hopefully put us in a more responsive state/frame to emerge from and merge with what might be most awaiting our divine essence and gracious presence back into the mainstream of our lives.

This is being mentioned not to particularly train ourselves for happiness or sadness; but rather to encourage; to inspire and to make us more well aware regarding the remarkable empowering impetus of the amazing capabilities that are there well within us; knowing this, we do not when encountered with any particular situation, ever loose control or tend to get carried away or even tread on any path which might be contradictory to our well being.

It has been noticed that when people are over happy, they want to celebrate all at once? Almost as if they want to have almost anything and everything they desire anyhow and right away? And then conversely when sad and experiencing grief, are only constantly crying/wailing/weeping and trying to be consoled over and over again for days? weeks? months? years? Its sad indeed, and truly no one can ever be replaced and memories are truly far beyond any comparison, but the divinity within us seeks for us to take care to+true be care taken please.

Being well in command of our emotional tendencies and training ourselves to practice pure awareness and pure mindfulness is not about anything out of the way at all; rather it is putting into place what places input to us/true us/through us, when it may so be needed please. At some point in time, when we most need someone, we may find no one there at all? Then what do we do in those precarious moments? Its like those feelings of sadness are inexorably intensified and keep augmenting, but why please? That’s precisely where this pre training of the practice of pure awareness and pure mindfulness steps in like a guardian, like a savior and like a companion.

Its our higher consciousness that we are then aligning with and deriving nourishment and nurturing ourselves remarkably well. We are adeptly taking care of all that needs to be taken care of including our very own-selves and then there comes further ahead a point and time in our lives when we experience greater sense of belonging and gladness to+true know that indeed we belong true ourselves and that after all, we have it all and what was coming in between was the lack of awareness, however the pure awareness and pure mindfulness that we indoctrinated through our meditative consciousness sessions,  when waking up early in the morning each day and sitting in pure silence and serenity; with the calmness of our being and reflecting upon the divinity enshrined within the sacred realms of our higher consciousness; of our true selves and our true nature respectively.

There is even another point which is that when we are either happy or sad, we might tend to get carried away with the moments? And also that whatever is said then might either be overlooked due to over confidence when happy and depressive state of mind when sad? So at that time when anyone says something, it might not get so easily registered and might be far more challenging and longer for an individual to re emerge from their precarious states of minds. That’s why, when knowing all of this from well before, we would then not fall into any particular thinking or feeling patterns that take us away from us for more than a few precious moments.

Its like we feel the happiness or the sadness but then we do not cling onto either; we maintain the stance of being equanimous; of being well balanced and determined to focus upon responsibly governing our lives in an appropriate, dignified and righteous as well as responsible and wise manner. There is so much more that could be written since this is coming through unabatedly but due to the essence of time knowing that you who are reading might perhaps be quite busy and having to attend to other agendas/tasks, coming back to reemphasize and restate that practicing pure awareness and pure mindfulness as well as our meditative consciousness on a daily basis, even if only for a few minutes should be observed to duly instill the gracefulness of our remarkable awakening of the divine essence of our being our trueselves infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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