Taught us? Blaming who? Look Who’s Talking?


What are we teaching ourselves? What are we learning by ourselves? What habits and tendencies are we acquiring? What are we wishing to become?

So on and so forth; its all we, we, we, we, we and its us; we ourselves are completely responsible for what we observe, for what we acquire and what we integrated within our lives please.

We cannot point fingers, accuse or shift the blame or even keep attributing this because of that and that because of that+that and that+that because of that+this+that? This world is real and everything is real, we are not living in a dream like state or illusion, so we need to awaken to the true state of being consciously and performing, thinking, responding and taking charge of our lives earnestly, responsibly and wisely please; time and again please grow up, be mature and realize that whatever you think, do and express should be conscientious and not anyhow or anyway please; blaming anyone will only amplify the situation far much more and leave your far much more exhausted, drained, fatigued and feeling and wondering and wandering round and around in aimless circles? But why please? You are mature and know how life is, what life is, the responsibilities of your lives; so why still live in the fair tale era please? God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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