You are not Born, You are Borne


Indeed, being born is an an gracious expression of our divine evolution; while being borne is the ingenious exemplification of our divine essence.

Millions of souls are born and are never borne after that? They let what all the precious endowments and priceless intellectual faculties which are far more treasured than the wealthiest gifts to remain submerged deep within their sub conscious mind?

They completely forget that they have been bestowed with amazing divine capabilities to express their divinity and to+true experience their evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom conscientiously.

Likewise, if we go on, the list could be almost endless for life unfolds in each and every priceless moment and what is destined for who is actually being ordained by that very individual’s pre destined; pre determined or pre intentional sets of thoughts, emotions, feelings, actions and initiatives.

Just imagine, millions of people looking here, there and everywhere while well within them lies dormant all that they seek; enshrined within the sacred realms of their higher consciousness; of their true nature; of their trueselves and of their divine essence.

Now who could be able to make them realize? For they are deeply against hearing, so how could they ever listen at all? They are against any learning and teaching and motivation because they reflect that they have been born empty and they remain empty according to their foolish reflection for none of us are ever empty, emptiness is in our way of thinking, in our way of living, in our way of attitude towards life; in our beliefs; in our convictions; and in our pretentious egoistic essence which keeps nudging us to think that when we reach across and grab something along the way, that will serve our lives well? This is not only making the emptiness amplify but rather intensifying the emotional tendencies far much more that they resonate emptiness within themselves like almost chasing away all the good virtues within them as well as all around them due to the vibrational frequencies/tendencies that they surreptitiously emit.

Well, they need to truly awaken to the graceful divine essence of their being and graciously evolve to embrace their completeness, their wholeness and wonderfulness of themselves and all that the creation of magnificence amazingly beholds.

For those who have realized, for them life is an ever amazing treasure of priceless moments and experiences for they are always in divine union with the oneness of creation as well as true to their nature and nature to their truth infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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