Going Where?


Don’t get carried away with others opinions, choices and preferentiality of going astray; and going just about anywhere; Be right where you are. For till you go there, you never know what’s there and once there, it becomes the now here and then you have to face and cannot phase away what’s facing you. Sometimes instead of going all the way across, staying where you truly are could encourage the way coming across true you.

That’s why, when you know where you are is appropriate; then stop getting distracted or drifting away for being where you truly are in thought, in speech, in being, in actions, in expressions and in commitment truly matters; remember to be there truly where you are. Perhaps, far away fields may appear green and blooming but then once there you will know far much more about the greenery and the price of being away from where you truly were; think very well, very most vigilantly and utilize your gracious wisdom to discern and be practical and never ever getting carried away with any random gossip or chit chat or any hearsay just like that; God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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