For us? For us? For us…..? Thus Forth

motivational-good-morning-quotes-some-days-you-just-have-to-createMost of us are ever eager, enthusiastic and keenly needing to know some of the following and far much more, as to:-

What is good for us? What we think is good for us? What we believe is good for us? What we feel is good for us? What we envision as being good for us? And so on and so forth, always focusing on solely what is good for us.

However do we ever also focus and strengthen the pivotal factors of what are we good for please?

Indeed, its good to know what is truly good for us, but then likewise we need to earnestly ensure that we are well aligned and keep pace with the evolving trends as well as ongoing developments of our lives in ensuring that we are earnestly reciprocating the goodness of our lives by likewise verifying, what are we good for as well please? God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi