DiValiRam, Ram Vaala Diya; God’s Light, The Divination of Evolution’s Creative Symposium; En Light, We seek God’s sight; Insight, We speak God’s Light

Happy DiwaliDiwali, the festival of the divine essence of light is being celebrated on 11 November 2015 respectively. The light seeks to refer to the infinite divine grace that flows through our  veins ever sow graciously. Riddhi (Good health, Goodwill, Good Wealth &  Good Fortune);  Siddhi (Essence  & Spirituality);  Shubh (Purity & Sacredness) and Laabh (Gains, Progress & Prosperity) are meritoriously attained and ingeniously sustained  through the auspices of our devotion, goodwill, pure awareness, pure mindfulness, divine values, divine vision, divine will and divine wisdom ever sow gloriously; bea4e2c9df4593c12af4589e8326e9f2Happy Diwali, bea4e2c9df4593c12af4589e8326e9f2 Happy Deepawali, bea4e2c9df4593c12af4589e8326e9f2 Happy Dipavali, bea4e2c9df4593c12af4589e8326e9f2 Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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