Think Taught; Unlearning, Learning, Relearning Thoughtful Thinking


Most of all what we think leads us to most of all what we’re taught, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

A little bit


Sometimes a little bit; be it could make all the difference in one’s life. However a note of caution where this little bit might lead to beat a lot; its especially for those fraught with negative emotional tendencies/indulgent in indiscriminate habits that are against their good health/well being.

Sometimes also those who are struggling to overcome those compulsive habits could resume back yet again with their focused initiatives of regulating the habits they may wish to overcome by starting a little bit and when they succeed, to further/gradually attempting a little bit more; step by step; safely and precautiously.

And yet some other times, for some others who are closer to their goals actually but are not able to perceive and maybe needing a little bit more of their genuine efforts/initiatives to achieve and accomplish what their ambitious resolves set out to attain; so a little bit more focus and commitment, perseverance could in due course of time remarkably help them as well.

A little bit is about respecting; about disciplining; about honoring and fulfilling honestly what we intend to do, whatever it is, even if a little bit done with complete faith and integrity is far much more better than all the grand plans, announcements and procrastination sessions.

So its both ways, one way where improvements can be made and in the other way where improvements “need” to+true be made, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Centuries Apart? The Sensible Path


17083 Some people think that they have arrived centuries after they have gone? Then there are some others who share the similar approach by reflecting upon some mysterious conclusion that they have gone centuries before they could have ever actually arrived after all?

However, there are many people who always responsibly realize that vacillating between centuries is not what life is all about.Those who keep dwindling in between the hallmarks of time and trying to sensationalize/grab attention are actually missing the point of their lives completely for their live’s are gradually ebbing away and no one ever pays any heed to them.

Living in this world, we need to practice due diligence and be alert, conscientious, prudent, vigilant, tenacious and wise in all that we think, do and express attentively. There’s no real meaning trying to reflect upon centuries prior, after or beyond for all those times respectfully dawned and evolved in accordance with the dictates of nature.

Likewise, each of us have been ordained with our respective nature’s and when we intend to squander our precious times in analyzing and trying to venture in pointless pursuits, whatever we do will be construed/interpreted as foolishness. Its also a matter of observing respectfulness for what was, is and will ever be by honoring what’s there right now, facing us, for if we tend/intend to ignore and neglect what’s there, then that’s disrespectful, so if one cannot heed now, how could one heed to what was or what will ever be?

So that’s why, stop poring and trying to reflect upon that point or which ever other path in time and keep needlessly vacillating;  the sensible path time is right now; right here, right within this very precious moment by moment righteously and earnestly attending to the present moment of our lives and ensuring that we are focusing all our pure energies in enhancing the scope of each and every moment of our lives very most ingeniously, resourcefully and wisely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi