Human Genes, Stop Blaming Your Genetic Code and Genealogy Please

quote-just-like-a-single-cell-the-character-of-our-lives-is-determined-not-by-our-genes-but-bruce-h-lipton-75-2-0225What makes our genes tick? What tracks our genes making?There truly far much more greater and gracious sets of aspects/elements/factors that are in synchronization and there’s the orchestration of our cells functioning with remarkable precision that meticulously provides us with the much needed endurance, empowerment, strength and wisdom.

Our cells amazingly contribute to our remarkable sustenance and graceful evolution.At any given point in time, never ever make the mistake of even casually remarking sarcastically regarding the structure of your cells for perhaps your cells pick up on that monologue intuitively and then really ensure that you are indeed experiencing a particular set of dilemma’s, complexities and maladies, where it concerns the functioning of your cells and organs please; but why please, why foolishly just because of your egoistical tendencies erroneously engage in haughtily or foolishly or even blatantly contradicting the wonderful functionality of your genes please; why please? So please be extremely aware of what you think, feel and express conscientiously

If you do not know what to think, be still. If you do not know what to speak, be still, If you do not know what to do, be still, but avoid the negative chatter and indulgence of any engagement with any sort/type of negative tendencies for thence onwards, the self pitying or illusive comfort may actually be contradicting the very essence of your being please; be alert, be diligent; be tenacious; be vigilant and be wise by resourcefully contributing towards yours and others unanimous goodwill, harmony and welfare please, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Pretending? Pre=tending? Intending, Pure Intentionality



What are some of us pretending to be? And then for some others, what are some of us pre=tending true be?

Life’s about what are we purely intending true be please through the auspices of our committed, devoted and disciplined focus upon the respective engagements and initiatives of our lives please, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

What’s Up? What’s Down?


Some of us are up with what’s down? Then, some others are down with what’s up? The point is not about grading or segregating or discriminating at all please. Rather its about the pointlessness of being elsewhere when we are supposed to+true be precisely where we are; the core belief and faith in ourselves factor please.

For without actually realizing and authentically being where we essentially are and our essence is, we will not be able to clearly understand or better manage what we are facing, what we have been entrusted with. Carefully realize that no one else could actually ever be able to lift you up and raise your self esteem; the recognition of your self worth as only you truly could please.And then conversely, if down, it is perhaps you that have been overlooking and depreciating your own-selves far much more than the state of affairs actually are please. Do not mislead your own-selves please or get carried away by someone else’s mystical ideologies which might be sabotaging your outlook and essence of this gracious life please.

Whether up or down or vice versa, it is extremely important to be realistic and rationale, responsible and reasonable; diligent, prudent, tenacious and wise and not over dramatizing or excessively wailing or trying to seek sympathy or self pitying, everything needs an extremely sane and conscious approach for that could either help us or defeat us, the choice is ours, whether to help or selves or be the self to our helping and effectively and efficiently harmonizing with all the goodwill that’s within as well as all around us conscientiously, (its also not about remaining caught whether up or down and aiming for balanced consistency where we are practicing pure mindfulness and pure awareness in whatever state of being and state of mind and state of heart we are) God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

An Appeal to World Leaders, The Minds Between the Words World


Everything is evolving at the mind level; if we want to resolve personal, national and international conflicts/disputes/issues, the heart can provide us its gracious wisdom and the passionate courage and remarkable vision, but until we engage intelligently at the mind level as well, we will be articulating millions of chapters of meaningful details, but time and again, the minds of the recipients=those concerned if elsewhere (by merely hearing and not listening at all?) will lead to enormous exasperation for the desperation of their minds is what is causing all the turmoil.

Let us earnestly seek to re-strategize at the mind level to help consciously and conscientiously awaken one another to the pure awareness and the pure mindfulness of creation to build and sustain a better world for all of us where we are no longer just simply and mundanely stating/expressing out of mind solely; but out of pure mindfulness and pure awareness please; for the mind is sometimes racing and reaching far ahead of our perception and chasing futile/fleeting shadows that our heart is completely ignorant about; so that means when the mind is deviating, it is venturing ahead on its own and putting the greater interests of one and all in peril and jeopardizing the precarious well being of a lifetime at risk, but why please?

When will the World Leaders help come together, to help setup a unified think tank and strategic group that could help cohesively expand the reaching across to millions of minds more than the hearts for so far we have seen that mind psychology appears to be fleeting in divergent directions and that all the gracious inspiration and goodness being communicated is being absorbed by the heart of the recipients but then laying submerged within the deep recesses of their heartology? And time and again, its their minds that are deviating almost in the fraction of mere few seconds, but why please? Can we not come together to think far more creatively, intensively and intelligently as the mind actually does and thus reach across more potentially in tackling the global challenges that we are all facing please?

Whether philosophical statements are issued; theological and mythology are pored upon and far much more intellectual scrutinization is implemented as well as all the amazing efforts/initiatives taken to better grasp and manage every aspect in the most best, effective and reasonable manner;, time and again, its the mystery of the mind that’s been eluding and causing far greater stress and distress where millions of people are being challenged right at the very core root level of their being. If we get more adept and proficient at studying the mind psychology and then are able to creatively derive more creative ways of indoctrinating the states of mindfulness (its not about trespassing any realms, rather its about, the ingenious conscious awakening of millions of individuals to the greatness and gracefulness of their minds whereby they could proficiently participate in the balanced, well observed and meaningful calibrated evolution of their being, of their lives, of their societies, of their countries and of our world please) that they always were; the pure awareness and the pure mindfulness states, then the majority of the challenging issues and problems would remarkably reduce and we could thereby be able to focus then on greater global development, education, goodwill, harmony, literacy, nourishment, sustenance and welfare conscientiously please, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi