Holding? Beholding?


quote-and-i-deeply-pray-that-everyone-discovers-that-they-can-strip-away-anything-that-might-brandon-bays-73-58-49When there’s a lot we are holding onto? Then, there is likewise an corollary set of elements that correspondingly behold us as well.

So think well, whether what you are holding onto is purposefully serving you in your greater evolution of your life? Or are you caught between the divergent energetic patterns and path in’s that appear to be mysteriously cascading?

Focus and focus all the more even on the smallest and minutest of details for the simple equation and mathematics of life dictates that what you hold onto, beholds you as well.

Now, whether you ignorantly deny this or seek to egoistically defend or get offended and then yet again hold another newly self erected premise and keep on heaping enormous layers of delusional attitudes, where could that ever lead to please?

Realize, its your precious life that you are playing with in the process of ignorantly holding onto the challenging embers of hot charcoal in your bare hands; well if you literally do not feel the heat, the various aspects that are silently evolving and transcending across could keep accruing more and more power, but why hold? why behold what is not serving you appropriately, righteously and earnestly please?

Remember the world and its people seek your best interests only when you truly first of all genuinely take true and honest interest in your lives please since masquerading and just pretending won’t help. Accept the reality of life, it is not a merry go round or a giant wheel or a roller coaster or just an adventure to keep going anywhere, anyhow and whatsoever; there are rules, there are laws, there are regulations, there are processes and procedures that need to be duly honored, fulfilled, observed and respected please.

Think, you are the creative magnificence of life, why should you let each and every moment of your lives just be spent in clinging onto pretentious characters? Fleeting objects? Negative emotional tendencies and mysterious impulses, substances, habits and so on and so forth please, but why please? You are far more remarkably capable of ingeniously creating the life that you always dreamed and imagined, believe in your true self and your true nature for you are truly worth it and so is your time and so is your life to be invested in doing, thinking, expressing and aligning with all that’s righteous and the divine essence of your being, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi



Got an idea? Or, Has an idea Caught You?


Realize that everything is righteously and truly right where you truly are.

Don’t keep vacillating and stretching your complete being in different directions thinking that the next idea, the next moment, the next instance, the next opportunity, the next event, the next next…… and so on and so forth.

Rather than investing your precious energies in chasing some fleeting shadows, why not intensify and focus on what you truly need to attend to please.

Its pointless just trying or pretending to be like the herd or emulating the herd mentality where if some group of people are aimlessly going round and around, you also join them in pointlessly likewise just drifting all around without any purpose? without any legitimate reason? like a vagabond? No, that’s not the way, kindly excuse the terminology but that’s the way, since unless someone really does not be firm, you might just keep wandering everywhere else and then what did you achieve? Just the regretful state of being, of having “tried”? Tried who please? Tried you of course and tired you also, for you became exasperated? lost confidence? started self pitying? consoling yourself that the next, the next and the next??? What next please?

What’s now, the idea of the now is far more greater than all those ideas that are still expected to come, but a note of caution, if the idea of now is bad, is harmful, is malicious, is evil, is wicked, is wrong, is against the law, rules and regulations, then please never ever ponder anymore at all on it, for the world never wants anymore, any such evil at all.

Carefully realize that we are all here to do good for ourselves and others; so if you think of the idea/any idea, think purely what good, feel purely what good, believe purely what good, express purely what good and align purely with what good you can truly do in each and every moment of your lives conscientiously please, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Introspect, Think Better, Do Better


Indeed, for you are the best, you deserve the best; so start with truly thinking the best, feeling the best, doing the best, believing the best, anticipating/expecting/envisaging/envisioning/aligning with/predicting/forecasting/working towards and focusing on the very best that’s within as well as all around you in each and every thought, feeling and expression conscientiously.

Its not just about your ambition, aspiration, desires and goals or any selfishness in the contributions and dedicated efforts and initiatives for you are doing it for the joy and the love of what you are doing; its like you were made for it as it was made for you; doing everything with a sense of purpose and conscious awareness, ensuring to be in rhythm the cosmos, with the universe that’s within as well as all around you while practicing pure mindfulness and pure awareness consistently, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Your Words, Your World; Dress-Undress; Stress-Unstress









Indeed, the dress and addressing may take a few moments, since we speak and are spoken; but the stress and unstress might take the time of our lives, for once we stress? and then suppress our emotional tendencies intensely and by the time we re emerge from that state of being that we ourselves inflicted upon our very own-selves with our very own words, the passage of the space in between might take a heavy toll on our cells, organs, health and well being please.

Do not just play with any words anyhow, if you know the value of the words, then the world values you far much more; for value is not just about the gracious wisdom alone, it is far much more for it encompasses the code, the discipline, the devotion, the etiquette, the grace, the manners, the character, the greatness, the vision, the fortitude, the conscientiousness, the tenacity, the vigilance, the pure mindfulness as well as the pure awareness along with so much more that we could keep resonating and keep experiencing the enormous wealth of the creative magnificent virtues that we have all been so very amazingly endowed with.

Lets come to the point of what this is all about; its one single word at first, the seed; we all know that very well, alright; now what we keep brooding and reflecting upon consistently whether through the auspices of our beliefs, convictions and determination as well as host of other gracious virtues is all being exemplified because we are intending to do that, precisely that, so from that one single word, we focused so much and kept including sow much more that it became a complete sentence and that further expanded-elongated mysteriously and became a set of indoctrinated set of lifelines? almost as if the very essence of our very own breath? But why, who was so very foolish to let some particular word that crept in surreptitiously and then we just kept glancing at that almost in a hypnotized state, but why please? Why let some one word take you so far away from your own self please?

That is what it actually is, could be and further manifest and mind you that conversely could also be a powerful impetus, incentive and empowering slogan and statement of your life as well if you diligently and prudently opt to choose the correct-righteous word and then further advance in the direction of your aspiration, desires, goals ambitiously with a sense of utmost vigilance, tenacity and wisdom of course. The point is whatever you think, whatever you feel, whatever you express, whatever you act upon, whatever and whatsoever it maybe ever be, always be in divine union and alignment and complete-total devotion with that; meaning that do it with your whole being, almost as if it is the very integral love and very core essence of your being; for it is creating what you passionately love to-true do through the auspices of the respective duties that have been entrusted upon your shoulders and thereby attaining the remarkable prestigious accolades, awards and rewards that further motivate to replenish the intensity of your focus and focal point to always be ever mindful of the word, the words and the very essence of each and every word that you think, express and consonantly experience as well through the wonderfulness of your creativeness amazingly, God bless.

Be mindful of the words that you think, speak and express conscientiously and ensure to always practice pure awareness as well as pure mindfulness integrally, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi