Makeup, The Coverup of Life?


When a lot gets covered up, life doesn’t make up. When allot gets made up, life doesn’t cover up as well.

Be naturally beautiful, be beautifully natural. Life always remains authentic, genuine, natural and real. Be truly beautiful to let the graceful radiance of your life shine through in living a purposeful life ingeniously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi


Before Evolution, The Inner Valve


Before we can think, life breathes. Before we can breathe, life’s being.Before we can be our being, life evolves.

Before evolution, its life’s creation inner valves ever sow amazingly with graceful wisdom and consonance of its scintillating oneness of creative magnificence purposefully, God bless

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Running Parallel Worlds? Running Paralyzing Words? Think-Realize-Do, Synchronicity


Think what you’re doing, do what you’re thinking. Do not run parallel worlds or paralyzing words in the midst of your sacred realm please.

Clarify your thinking, your being enshrines the gracious wisdom of thinking, expressing, feeling, clarifying, discerning, creating, articulating, resonating, amplifying, gravitating, energizing, visualizing and so on and so forth that’s all the finest and precisely pure and absolutely clear.

So why keep engaging and battling in your minds and hearts what’s never there or never meant to be and earnestly focus on what’s right here, right now with your complete devoted attention, awareness, sense of discipline and the pureness of your committed resolve to achieve, accomplish and excel in all areas of your magnificent life.

Because when you run parallel worlds and keep embracing paralyzing words, the world will keep appearing more and more distant? Its as if, you are all alone in your own world, where no one will ever be able to understand you, like you, believe you, speak to you, associate with you or ever come anywhere near you at all. That’s all because with your enormous confusion and entanglement in mysterious dilemma’s and self created perplexities, you exude certain energies that dispel all that’s even very much graciously within your being for you are trying to deviate from the conventional norms, principles, etiquette and values of life.

So that’s why, do no think it is fascinating, adventurous or admired or even appreciated at all; stay, don’t just stray there and further anywhere because no one is watching; remember your conscience is, your consciousness is and so is your nature and the environment and the cosmos and in some way all of us too because you emit the contradictory signals of evolving, so that’s not only strange, but it is distanced and completely shunned.

You are not an alien, you are a human being, so rationalize, clarify your thinking and embrace the divine essence of your being for we all love you but only and until you truly love yourself, appreciate yourself, value yourself and shine forth your creative brilliance in living a purposeful and righteous life that all of us seek true live, only then will you be able to actually experience the greater creative magnificence of being and evolving in grace and wisdom conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi