Violence, The Painful Roots? The Painful Truth!


When will some people ever realize that by hurting others, they are hurting their very own-selves forever.

They must heal themselves by experience the peacefulness of their trueselves, their true nature, for by hurting others, they are doubly inflicted, first by the wrong doing and then by their aggrieved self that remains even more in a state of lack and denial, but why please?

As the captioned quote reflects upon violence being a delusion, a trick that people are playing upon themselves either through what they interpret or heed to others calling without ever realizing that they are being tricked over and over again, but life is not over and over again, for those who commit violence remain forever with sadness and despair and lack and unfortunate and disliked and the most deprived in this as well as every lifetime that they ever resurrect, yet again why please?

In this lifetime, whatever is done cannot be undone, but what has been undone more before can be healed by accepting the reality and then earnestly integrating and implementing the path of peacefulness within  one another’s lives please.

Violence even if it so much as a slap on the face will come back in such as way for the person slapping the other that it will be a complete slap on the other individual’s phase while they who got slap may feel the pain for a while, those slapping will remain forever in pain all the while; all because they were tricked into attacking someone else in that moment and kept tricking themselves more and more till they kept getting entangled in more and more of violence, not realizing that all of it, whatever violence is not from someone else’s doing, it is their own doing, its their own hurt they are hurting and inflicting hatred within each and every cell of their being ever so mysteriously, but why please?

Be peaceful as the divine essence of your being engenders peace, love and the graciousness of being wise and realized in the consonance of our true selves, of our true nature and our higher consciousness that’s there to heal us ever so kindly and caringly, take care and let go of the hate, embrace the peacefulness of who you truly are please, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Since Centuries, The Mystery Eludes; Where Will We Go?



The answer is within the question itself. It is wear will, you go/grow and be able to comprehend, experience and realize some of the greatest elements of the cosmic intelligence that are encapsulated within you as well as – as will as each and every one of us.

Some of us figure out a part; others a path but life ever enchantingly awaits all of us true align with our will and always remain in the divine will and the divine wisdom of being our true us. Its not just about going/growing itself, rather its about any and everything else, whether it is also relating to what will happen? Happen will what! Its the will that’s the seed along with the divine will of goodwill that permeates and suffuses the core essence and structure of all elements of creation with methodical precision and equanimous synergism that’s sometimes referred to as miracles, well we might have forgotten, we are each the miracle of God’s will and so is all of the fabulous creation of divinity that graciously abounds and teaches us the priceless values of the indomitable will power of life’s wheel that evolves in accordance with our innate belief of goodwill and the true nature of the divine will.

Then onwards, there remains no mystery for we do not pose the question or the quest in; we do not ever inquire, where will? We wear will, the goodwill of God’s will that’s been with us ever since time immemorial, we kept imploring and seeking to know where will? where will? where will, while life, creation, the cosmos and evolution kept resonating, wear will, wear will, we are will, we are the divine will of God’s will; let us be proud of this amazing legacy and gratuitously graceful heritage that’s been endowed with us ever sow conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi