Mind Sharpeners! Mind Shark in Us? Mann Hee









((The Hindi translational definition of Mann refers to the mind/thinking and Hee refers to itself, so indeed, its the mind itself, having whatever on it; what our on it; what hour on it; what’s ours on it reminding us time and again true belong true ourselves; true mind our business; true mind our affairs and to focus, but then it we ourselves seek to just take our mind over and go adrift on divergent adventures and escapades? without ever realizing that in each and every day we have 24 hours; and in those 24 hours, how hours are actually ours please? Are we truly belonging to ours, to the hours or how is please? Do not just let taking your mind away anywhere become a tempestuous habit please; rather seek to ingeniously strive and explore how you could be able to align with your creative mindset and enhance the scope of your lives and the and periscope of your living please; its almost like being akin to a laser beam by intensifying our focus and magnifying the minutest of details in such a observant manner that even the art of science is amazed by the meticulousness of our devotion and discipline consistently))

Indeed, the human mind/intellect can be remarkably trained to adapt, integrate and inculcate certain constructive and meaningful habits/ways of living.

However, this very same mind can also be reckless if let loose without any care or concern; meaning that it could hurt us far much more than a shark ever could. The analogy is that the mind is so very close to us that if we just let it do whatever, however, wherever, we might not have any cutting edge or edge to cut at all, but why? Why be so ignorant please?

Better to be disciplined, devoted and focused; attuned and aligned with whatever and at any given instance consciously aware of what we are actually engaging with rather than just appearing/pretending to be busy while actually aimlessly just cutting away our precious time frames in doing what is actually diminishing our precious times that we have been deservingly allocated.

Its not that we pour the milk every day time and again and then exclaim alas; then even the milk that pours will get tired of our deliberate repetitive states of careless and we will be isolating ourselves for we have been given/gifted our amazing minds to command/domineer them in a wise manner and not that we get dominated by our mind and mindsets.

Feelings are something that come and try to completely change the trajectory of our minds whereby we are taken away not only off track, the tracks, the rails and everything else surreptitiously disappears? And we are left with barren lands? That means, we have to all over again re create the complete wheel of our lives pertaining to that particular segment because with the intensity of the feeling that suddenly poured through engulfed us so very emotionally that we went with the passionate sense of retorting and retaliating? rather than reasoning and rationality? But why please?

This could go on and on, but the point is not to just keep going on, it is true keep growing owning; truly accepting and realizing; yes, it is to acknowledge, to instill a sense of purposefulness; a sense of discipline,to realize, why is it that what we are doing and how it is actually contributing to our self development please.

For example, one person in the very same time frame is able to achieve so very much more while another just grabs their smartphones and starts chit chatting and aimlessly browsing online? playing games? just trying to pass the time however and when the time comes to submit the homework, the project work; all sorts and types of excuses emerge from the one who wasted their time; every time and again, so this means they are gripped by their minds in such as way that they feel powerless and habituated towards just doing whatever is there, they are not aiming or focusing upon their self development at all? They are noble souls like you and me; like all of us, but unfortunately they have permitted their minds all the leverage and the authority to do as/when however, whatever?

And then, there comes a time, they wonder, did they ever live after all? How come they are already way over 60+ years of age and still struggling to barely make ends meet? This is what is only one aspect, they in the process of trying to socialize forget that sow shalt lies; meaning not the lying, rather the sowing (the harvesting) leading to the apparent results that ensue what lies deep within the realms of one’s minds and how about the gracious wisdom of the heart and the soulful being’s conscientiousness please?

This could go on and on, I could keep narrating different instances; cite different examples as its just flows from my intuitive mindset, but the point is those who are restless and who we intend to help would be missing the point due to their lack of focus? Getting irritated or just wanting to hip, skip, hop and jump around, meaning not the physical jumping, but the mind jumps; just running and elongating, expanding intensively without a sense of discipline or purposefulness? That’s why also, seek to practice pure awareness and pure mindfulness in all that you think, do, express and feel for your mind is not greater than the sum of your being; your being is pure but if your mind is harboring impure thoughts and notions, then even God cannot help you for you are treading on forlorn pathways of life that all of us are ever tenaciously, ever vigilantly and ever wisely avoiding; knowing that for every step we take there are more steps ahead and not just stepping ahead however and saying we’ll see, tomorrow is another day, so what if all the 55+ years of life have gone by, lets keep gambling away a little more with our time? How foolish could that be? Whether you are 5+ or 55+, your mind is yours, do not let your mind belong to something so very much that you completely forget that you belong true your own-self please. Be mindful as well as mind your beingfulness and authentically, earnestly and genuinely seek to align with the sharpness of your minds and attune; experience the greater creative competency of your mind power and connect with the divine essence of your being by expanding and raising your consciousness to the level of the divine light within as well as all around you and cherish the fabulous realm of your trueselves and your true nature that beckon and beholds you in its ever magnificent aura of creative magnificence consonantly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi