Scared to talk? Talking, the best think


Whether referring to the best think or the best thing, indeed talking is what releases and makes your realize so much of what you had been holding onto, for so long? But why please?

Let go; liberate yourself of your fear, speak gently, clearly and softly. Truly express yourself, you will feel much better, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Black Friday? Oh, You mean its back, Friday is Back


All right, so what did we do today+true day now that Friday is back; Back Friday, what did we constructively achieve towards our self development as well as attaining another milestone in the vision board and actuality/reality and the divine essence of our purely ambitious goals please?

Shopping sprees may come and go but the precious moments of life like this Friday that has come back after 86,400 seconds per day x 7 precious days = 604,800 precious seconds, truly come once in a lifetime please; indeed, each and every second and moment of this life comes only once in a lifetime please.

By all means shop and enjoy, avail the remarkable discounts, however do remember to particularly also invest a few precious seconds/minutes ever day towards rejoicing for Back Friday, for Back Thursday, for Back Wednesday, for Back Tuesday, for Back Monday, for Back Sunday and for Back Saturday and so on and so forth.

Everything has come back into/in true your lives, what are you doing to authentically, genuinely and sincerely cherish and constructively advance towards enhancing the scope and landscape of your lives please? Enjoy Back Friday, its come back to celebrate you as you experience your evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Store We, Restore We

Everybody has a Story? Its Every Body has a Restore We


How we store is how life restores. This means to humbly refer to the graciousness of each and every aspect and facet of our lives. The captioned title humbly seeks to refer to the remarkable baton and custodianship that life leaves in each and every one of our hands but then we are passing the baton back to life for it to run the relay for us? How can we win the race when we are racing the winning?  instead of actually raising and expanding our consciousness of the divine light within as well as all around us to attain the pinnacle of our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom to experience our divine exaltation please?

Every cell of our being deserves profound dignity, respect and the graciousness of our engagement on a platform of pure awareness and pure mindfulness conscientiously.

Its not about a restore point necessarily, rather it is about clarifying life’s expectations from us. We are always perched on the forefront and precarious precipice of what life can do for us?

Have we ever authentically and genuinely asked what we can true for our lives please? And then committedly fulfilled each and every moment of our lives with the graciousness of the priceless values and cherishes values that sustain the creative magnificence of our being please; God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi