Lord Krishna/Sudama=SuDharma; Learn from the Blind, Do not get Blinded from the Learning


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Dharma refers to one’s duties. Sudama was Lord Krishna’s devoted friend who epitomized the values governing friendship to the highest sacred exaltation that truly deserves commendable praise, admiration and profound reverence, Jai Shree Krishna.

When we reflect upon those who are unfortunately bereft of their sight, they rely upon a much greater vision that all of us have, but only some of us rely upon; the vision of our higher consciousness.

There is also one more vital aspect relating to this which is we may not be able to realize what they are going through actually but if we for a few moments close our eyes and visualize, try to wade through and reach across, we will be amazed that just by the mere shutting off of our eyes for a few moments and then trying to manage is so challenging that we rush to open our eyes and are enormously grateful for our sight, our vision; but how about those, who open their eyes, and yet all they are able to see is the light within the light itself and that vision that they create; their foresight is far more precariously magnificent, for even without their sight, they are able to reach across, see across and in that moment in time or any given moment in time, when someone scornfully just overlooks and says whatever they want to, it is very challenging to accept what they are stating, it is like they are blinded by their delusional learning process altogether? What did they see? Nothing because they sought to discriminate and sarcastically reflect upon someone else’s remarkable initiatives with a negative outlook?

Sometimes putting ourselves in someone else’s place and then being extremely sarcastic is far too much especially for some one who is/are truly doing their very best to admire each and every aspect of life that they have never ever seen at all but always hold and envision the grace and greatness of life from their pristine vision of amazing values ingeniously; they treat life and its elements as a beautiful garden and some/not all of us; but some of us tend and intend – then keep deliberately intending to make fun of them? ridicule them? disdainfully and scornfully mock them? If we cannot help, at least let those some of us engaging in aimless gossip and commenting or remarking, please stop sending across the tide of discrimination please; or even exuding any feelings and emotional tendencies that are a completely wrong attitude, manner and behavior altogether please.

Then another aspect with reference to the captioned title is advocating the need to avoid getting blinded is intending to refer to the fleeting desires and temptations; once something fascinates us, we should realize what it is after all rather than chasing it and then being left in its path of elusive shadows.

Further, the above also has another similarity which is do not get binded/bonded from the leaning; meaning that once or twice or thrice or no matter how many times; do not let any particular impediment permeate or suffuse the divine essence of your being by trying to exemplify its agenda upon your divine purpose, your divine principles, your divine values, your divine vision, your divine will and your divine wisdom.

You have been bestowed/endowed this precious life of yours for a sacred purpose which is to realize and experience your higher consciousness and to live in alignment with your true nature and your true self, so that you could ingeniously fulfill your primordial aspirations that time and again belong to the visions that sustain the goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare of the Universe with conscientious unanimity, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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