Credit Card; Credit Cut? Don’t make your lifestyle your life’s tie

36be6566eb98c8945ac2491c5b0cd783Realize, be realistic; be practical and wise; live within your means and not beyond your means please; there is no need to flaunt and trying to impress others while you keep accumulating a burden of debt to just keep gaining the attention of others which will only add tension please.

Your credit card has been entrusted to you in good faith to honor its covenants which is true use it in need, in deed and where the essence implies but not just exemplifying some fleeting wants and desires as dire needs or genuine needs? and then chasing them with the intent to spend far beyond and then sprinting farther yonder?

When you are well aware, then you will live well a wear by exercising your due diligence and prudence, your tenacity, vigilance and gracious wisdom in living in liberation and fulfillment by making the right choices and determining what needs true be done when please. Yes, its your choice, its your life, but when the time comes in the grand scheme of creation, all of us are apparently interconnected and what goes around, comes around true, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Who am i?

iamIts who i aim please! Make the who am i true the who i am please. Its all about you creating yourself as yourself creates you please and not just some temporary inspiration or motivation which after reading is completely forgotten or again saying so well, that’s it? Oh nothing new? Yah yah? yep yep? Oh tell me, what’s new and news?

Well, its upto/uptrue you, its your life, but there will definitely come a time in life that you wish you had taken your aims of your lives more seriously, but then when you realize, whether you will be able to achieve and accomplish? Since age catches up, but so does everything else as well; so when you are planning your life, plan it well ahead, do not just get carried away looking at someone, some poster, some talk online and some mentor; respect them and their achievements and thank them with your heart but then since its your life, you need to/true be well convinced from within that come what may, you are going to/true be able to joyfully acclaim and announce the who am i? far more proudly to the world through the purposeful living, through attaining your prestigious milestones and cherishes objectives; realize that your vision envisions you in that great state of being in each an every breath, when will you truly align and share your life’s gracious vision of who you truly are please?

Life connects and integrates within each and every breath and divine essence of being through the auspices of our aims please; our purposeful living please.

So whether its acclaim, disclaim, exclaim, proclaim and so on and so forth; its you, its your aim that speaks true and through and then you likewise experience the trueness of the throughness that flows right throughout resonating the primordial reminder that the “i” you refer to is actually the collective consciousness of humanity/creation.

You are as you aim, aim as you truly are and not focusing at any given instances on aim as you aren’t for as you aim, every element of creation focuses upon the same intensity that you focus.

So aim well and wisely true be well aimed graciously in the wellness of the goodwill of creation, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi