Why can’t i be successful? Looking backwards? back words? block-wards?


Success is a state of being and mind; be and mind the stature of your successfulnes that seeks the realization of the divine essence of your gracious wisdom in being diligently/prudently/tenaciously and conscientiously triumphant in all that you align with, think of, do with/without and express consonantly, God bless

©2015 Vashi Chandi

See, you didn’t live?

Live, you didn’t see? Its your insight please, when will you live insightfully and proudly march/match along with your life’s graciousness please?

Be emotionally intelligent and not just intelligently emotional please


See life’s insight, you did, but kept leaving instead of live in?

So from this very moment, release all those suppressed emotions and sentiments; be emotionally intelligent and not just intelligently emotional please; let go of all the excessive negative tendencies; liberate yourself, even if the littlest by the littlest, it truly matters for all of us please; cherish the divine grace and fabulous wisdom that’s ensconced within the sacred realms of your higher consciousness; your true self and your true nature; kindly help yourself authentically by earnestly doing what’s true and not just questioning, what’s to it? whether it will bring instantaneous results? whether its a quick fix? Dispel the doubtability, for when you genuinely take fulfilling steps to live a purposeful life that is bereft of and abandoning the negativity, your divine light radiates and reveals a completely new true you that was always there, right where you are, but you weren’t; now that you’re truly back, life’s truly back as well please; truly take care for we are all interconnected with the divine essence of our being please, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Life is going to talk to you; Are you ready? Or, Are you read we?



62b2544b36a4ce445a12cfba3c83fa36Remember, life is growing true talk, true you. Well, the reality is life is already talking true you through/within each and every priceless breath. The readiness is about reading and realizing the divine essence of our lives whereby we experience its consonance, which is better read true be better lead. Reading our true nature, leading our nature’s truth, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi