Is Life trying to Run You? Or is the Run trying to Live You?



Well its neither of the modes of running at all. All that life is seeking true do is reign you, yes reign you. Realize that life’s growth is amazingly evolving through the observance of an creatively disciplined process.

So when life implements and instills its protocol/its covenants/its rules/its regimen and if this might appear as if it is running, then it is your interpretation of the reigning as running?

Why not earnestly accept life’s interest and graciously participate along with it in its remarkable expeditions that are reign/rule oriented  for your own better/goodness and self development ever sow conscientiously, enthusiastically and passionately please? God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Being Content, Make it Path

Contenment-quotes-Best-Contentment-quotes-Quotes-About-ContentmentIndeed, make it the integral path and not just a part of your life.Truly appreciate and cherish each and every moment of your lives by authentically being contributive and resourceful towards life’s betterment ever sow conscientiously.

Be content with what you have as what you have is in contention with you, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Start our Day, Life’s Reciprocity

quotes-about-life_5984-0How we start our day is how our day starts and states as well as sustains us in each and every day, in each and every day.

Now if we may already be in between or at the completion of the day also we can give a much better/greater start to what we are doing by truly investing our complete/total attentiveness and focus in whatever we are doing, for those few moments that we take authentically/genuinely could take us far much more ahead in our lives after all. Its all about being fair and square, what we are investing in our lives; invest does not necessarily refer to the financial factor, it can be the devoted/disciplined/dedicated initiatives and so far much more; that meticulous alignment and all the totality of focusing absolutely in all that we think, do and express conscientiously, diligently, prudently, tenaciously and wisely.

All that the day, the way and all of life seeks from us is authenticity; purposeful living, of living our light, of being aligned with our true nature, our trueselves, our divine essence and forever in divine union with our higher consciousness in all that we think, do and express conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Belief in God


Indeed, how about belief in yourself; your true self; your true nature; and in your divine essence please?

Believing in God as much as you believe in yourself and likewise believing in yourself as much as you believe in God amazingly empowers and remarkably strengthens the fabulous bond and prestigious boundaries of your ever gracious evolution please, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

I want to be?

Sometimes-you-need-to-distance-yourself-and-create-alone-time-just-so-you-can-connect-with-who-you-truly-are-and-what-you-want-out-of-lifeSome of us want to be a part of someone else? Life is not just a part of us, but also the integral path of our evolution. (Don’t state that you want to be anything and everything please; that is not being focused or ambitious or aspiring to achieve some meaningfulness please; seek to clarify your vision, for your life’s potential truly promises the greatest milestones; truly awaken true your greatness enshrined within your higher consciousness as well as all around you please)

So in being and wanting to be someone else altogether without realizing the implications, the complexities and the trials/tribulations and the price that someone else has duly paid to achieve/reach their current stage, just by constantly resonating the want of wanting to be like someone else is not adequate or legitimate, for it is seeking to just be without being just (just as in justice)?

Next time, when some of us state, I want to be? Think carefully and well again and rather believe in the following; I want true be! The trueness of being is essential for it exemplifies your authenticity and integral divine essence that emanates and radiantly shines forth ever sow passionately.

The point is many of us want to be and when we learn of what wanting true be implies and exemplifies, we shirk away hurriedly? But why please? Why refuse the start reality and follow a devoted, disciplined, determined, dedicated, diligent, focused, perserverant, prudent, rationale, responsible, sincere, true, tenacious and ever graciously wise approach of being, living and doing/performing please?

At some point in time or another, things may change and further evolve, and if you are not duly prepared and courageous enough; disciplined and focused; you may start panicking and fearing, rather it might be a self induced set of illusionary imaginative concoctions that might be surreptitiously unfolding, a kind of a self instituted/created and delusional set of dilemma’s and predicaments, but yet again why please?

That is why the I want to be is not just a part, but about the integral path, the true completeness, totality and wholeness of life’s ever conscientious graciousness please; for you to always be a better person, wisely contributing to our better world forever and ever sow meaningfully and resourcefully, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi