Time is Money


How are you moneyeing your time please? Its not monetizing, capitalizing or strategizing time but simply about recognizing the true value and integral essence of time in our lives.

For its this very same span of time that brought us here can take us across to where we aspire true reach, but then we need to intelligently analyze and make wiser choices; so its not about any fancy words or tactics, rather humbly about doing what’s correct, what’s right and what’s in the better long term interests for ourselves and others please, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Coincidence? Core Precedence;Everything Happens as/has Every-Think Hap=Pens


Be consciously aware and nurture good and constructive thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes and expectations.

Diligently strive to fulfill your respective agendas, assignments, chores, commitments, duties, objectives, obligations, projects, responsibilities, studies, vocations and tasks with pure awareness, pure mindfulness, prudence, responsibility, sincerity, tenacity and your ever gracious wisdom, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

The Two Hours in One Hour, The Etheric Vision Envisions the Spaciousness of Time as the Integral Element Within Itself



In each one hour, we get two hours.They are bifurcated as follows:-One hour is the measure of time by itself.The other hour being the immeasurably factors of our timelessness and nothingness; the realm where we come from. The integral essence is true ours instead of the abstract connotation of two hours in one hour; since when we truly belong true ourselves, we will be able to comprehend, align with and resonate at such amazing frequencies, that we ourselves would be humbly overwhelmed/astounded with the profound gratitude that emanates from our higher selves; its like as if we have identified an abundant source/resource of gracious wisdom that is ever gratuitously replenishing us a fantastic capability and intellectual prowess and brilliant proficiency with/in/at each and every stage/phase of our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom enchantingly. (Its in any given hour, at any given time; are we truly ours with the hour? That level of focus, that level of intensity, that level of devotion, that level of alignment, that level of oneness,that level of synchronicity, that level of trueness, of being one hundred percent in the one hour as its two hundred percent is so very much within us; to put it yet again and over again in one single line – the two hours in one hour is essentially about – the true ours in one ours!

Exactly, precisely and specifically that; for that’s what it integrally means; when we are undividedly in absolute/harmonious alignment with a disciplined focus with whatever we are engaging, then we will be able to derive and obtain a fabulous set of results and records as well; for then the postulation of timing or implication of time being or even any inference drawn is of little consequence, because we are so very much with/in and along with whatever it is that we are doing, that whatever is being done gets done so truly well that we being enormously proficiently and gradually attain a greater degree of proficiency in being able to complete the respective tasks far much more competently and brilliantly; it all started with one factor of the one hour, but actually sought to authentically/genuinely lead us truewards the one our; indeed, the one our; in whatever we do/true, when we apply with firm/utmost discipline the practice of one our; the faithful loyalty of being ours true and through, then, whatever we do, whether its the hour or the hours or the days and months and years; all will march forth in the matching forth of remarkable precision, all because we sought to recognize/realize the uniqueness of enriching and empowering everything with a sense of purposefulness, devotion, dedication, disciplined orderliness, pure awareness, meticulous vigilance, pure mindfulness, prudence, due diligence, prudence, tenaciousness and our ever gracious wisdom; which are always ever ready to/true contribute to our greater progress and developments, when we are truly one ours in one ours; there is no bartering/bargaining or trying to cajole or dispute anything for one our means truly one our; not that we are trying to distract or substantiate or assertively issue long and extensively lengthy statements, suppositions or evidences or proofs that we have done this/that and so much more? With creation and evolution, one our means one our, the pure oneness, the pure ourness, the uniqueness of being who we truly are to ourselves and others as well as in all that we think, do and express ever sow conscientiously.

The passion that exudes from within our higher consciousness earnestly seeks that we experience our trueselves; our true nature and our divine essence; and for that state of mind; that state of being, where pure awareness and pure mindfulness prevails, there is far much more greater potential awaiting in the echelons of purity whereby we each then are truly glad at having discovered, recognized, realized and experienced our higher consciousness and the divine union/sacred oneness with all that was, is and will ever be.

Realize when reflecting upon the nothingness and the timelessness as follows, that we came within nothing other than the purity of our soul and its the pure divine essence of our consciousness that will further follow us but seeks that we ascend/that we expand and raise our consciousness to the level of the divine light enshrined within our higher selves/as well as all around us in its prestigious sanctity of radiance; that in this lifetime, we need to elevate and transcend across with our higher consciousness to that sat-chit-ananda state of being/the state of nirvana/the state of bliss/the state of cosmic oneness with all of creation and ever gratuitously in divine union with the supreme consciousness of creation. And regarding the timelessness, its about time in its entirety and true essence is ever expanding and remains immeasurable for those who are confined/limited by their perception of it; however with the cosmic perspective, the element of time is absolutely timelessness, except of course for one area/segment where karma/karmic acts/deeds are concerned; there time is specific, for there the accountability factor prevails; the law of sow and reap respectively. Beyond this, time is timelessness from the cosmic paradigm’s outlook for its ever expanding and adventing in methodical precision as we see it/connect/relate to it and experience it and as we raise and expand our higher consciousness, we humbly reflect from that elevated pedestal of the divine light within us, the graciousness of the amazing elements of the cosmos that all march/match in a dignified/cohesive/remarkable solidarity and unified expression of the supremacy of the pure divine essence of being one in the oneness of all that was, is and will ever be ever so graciously.

So that is why, we may have noticed some individuals being remarkably competent and brilliantly completing various tasks assigned to them far more impeccably and meticulously than so many others; so what is it that drives or empowers them?

Is it that they are visionaries who envision and tap on the exponential infinite potential of the cosmos in all that they think, do and express/align with ever sow conscientiously?

Or is it that they have disciplined and determined right from the outset of / prior to embarking upon any objective/task that it has been created/ordained and that they truly belong to the respective assignment?

Well, its living with a sense of purposefulness and divine union with all of creation. So in that manner, rather than attributing, its belonging true to the hour as much as the our belongs to/true itself.

This realm of timelessness and nothingness; the realm where we come from is relating to our higher consciousness, where in that state of being, as we expand and raise our consciousness to the level of the divine light enshrined within the sacred realms of our higher selves, of our trueselves and of our true nature; we avail ourselves the cherished privilege of being one with the moment’s oneness.

So with/in that state of being; it is equanimity; whether the past, the present or the future; whether its anything, something or everything; its all about being-indeed about being the completeness of the wholeness and the totality of totalessness; its not numerically or spaciously but all aesthetically centered true to the etheric light/etheric vision and the etheric energy that flows graciously from within the higher consciousness of all living beings in humbly attributing all the wonders to the cosmic consciousness for having provided us with the unique distinction of coming together/true-gather to fulfill our primordial objectives fulfillingly, Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

The More You Have, The More You Haven’t


We don’t have, we be and in the being, we belong true whatever we align ourselves with/width ever sow graciously.The point is whatever we have, when truly taken care of, provides us with enormous sets of opportunities and potentialities for everything is about the integrity of our trueselves and our true nature, we cannot feign/pretend or just try to play act/enact a script, this is our real life and its our real being and its the real universe please. Its also so very much about realizing the value of each and every aspect and essence of our lives, for when we intuitively scrutinize, we will be amazed that we are barely reflecting on the value and not the values? The divine values, the divine vision, the divine will, the divine wisdom, the divine grace, the divine foresight and the divine capabilities all relate to the essential integrity of being true to our nature as well as nature to our truth; where its not about the value only, rather it is about the divine principles and the divine values of creation ever sow consonantly.

So regarding the captioned title, its about the mindset;the state of being; the pure awareness and the pure mindfulness; when we intuitively align ourselves, then we likewise experience the particular state of being.

And from that state of being, we feel as if we are having, whereas some of us realize that we are belonging and belong with all our being and remain ever devoted, disciplined, determined and dedicated to/true whatever we think, do and express ever sow conscientiously.

As it has been stated over the centuries time and again, its about the state of being; the mindset and then of course the purity of our hearts, for its about attaining and not about retaining or holding onto fervently; Its about beholding in the manner that we are the custodians/caretakers of whatever it is; whether time, assets, relationships, our precious states of being. our consciousness and so on and so forth.

Whatever it is, its been given to us/endowed-bestowed upon us for a divine purpose; to ensure that we live our light and live our lives to its fullest potential, which is being truly capable, resourceful and being all that we could ever be, which is the trueness of being our true nature, our trueselves, our divine essence and forever in divine union with our higher consciousness and the oneness of creation, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi


Cosmic Miles, The Heritage of Illusion?


No, its not an illusion, its about your merit-age (meritocracy – remember, its the cosmos, there is no bureaucracy wherever the cosmic paradigm prevails) along with  your shuddh bhav (pure intent). Realize that with the cosmos, it recognizes you through your attitude, your deeds, your karma whether in thought or deed.

This exemplifies the aspect of illusion that’s appearing – actually seeking to ascertain; how will you shine? Pay careful attention to the query; its more actuarily = how wheel you shine? Yes, its the wheel of creation/time; the divine will that’s embodied within your virtuousness; evoking you to will the sphere/hands of timing through the wheel of your higher consciousness.

Whatever you truly “will”, creation thereby wheels/and its epicenter flows throughout your lives almost as if there is here; and all+most as if hear is virtually being there, the synchronicity of the divine union and cosmic harmony of being the oneness of creation! Regarding the captioned title, it seeks to humbly inspire us to let our hearts smile because the cosmic camera is clicking and capturing the smiles of your heart, so when you smile with your heart, your being blossoms and thereby aligns with the cosmos ever sow radiantly.

Now, then or at any given time, we know about frequent flyer miles and work so hard to accumulate them so we could travel across conveniently; how about the frequent fly-here/hear/heart mileage please? Your journey to/true/through the cosmos seeks the purity of your deeds, whatever you do, do with all your heart without focusing solely on attaining the incentives and rewards, for where the cosmos is concerned, it does not pay heed to your struggles/wrestles; all that it sees you is as a being of light, so when you ever taint your cosmic panoramic image by diffusing instead of suffusing the graciousness of the divine light that exaltatingly radiates from within the echelons of your true selves, then that’s what is apparently radiated/emitted back to/true you.

Then you are deriving from the cosmos, that set of frequencies and operating and functioning almost as if having tied your not to the cosmos whereas your knot and never your not that is graciously and gently knotting and aligning you with the cosmos. When you essensify and clarify your intuitive perception of what this cosmic exchange is intending to exemplify, then you will realize that in all the pure energetic exchange, its about the detachment, of doing but with your innate belief/solidarity with the cosmos, that even the cosmos is doing/truing along with you.

So when the cosmos is so very much within each and every breath of your being, empowering you, how could you ever detach and seek to ever reflect upon it as an illusionary force please? It is the goodwill of being that teaches and endows us with the graciousness of expressing our divinity and experiencing our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom ever sow conscientiously and remembering the shuddh bhav (pure intent); the divine will/wheel and the cosmic breath that we are so very much breathing/harmoniously aligned with and creating along width the cosmos; the graciousness of our divine oneness to thereby manifest as the universal goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare infinitely; so be it, so be it, so be it; sow be its; be its seeks to refer to belonging true the cosmos as much/match/march as the cosmos belongs true you;  Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi