When the situation calls for it


Then truly be the call of the being as well as the true being of the calling, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Nerve Impulses; Neurons, Trillions of Connections; Thinking Neurally, Neurological Thinking



Every nerve impulse; thought connects itself to what’s taught; so what are you thinking and what are you learning and believing, doing, feeling, expressing, intending and aspiring for in each and every breath and moment of your lives please?

Do/true ensure that whatever you do is truly good/meaningful/resourceful and forever contributing to the visions that sustain the goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare of our Universe ever sow conscientiously please, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Life is Not a Bahn or a Banana; Life is a Bann Aana & Neither a Bahaana


The translations are as follows; Bahn refers to a train; Banana in these contexts seeks to refer to the slipping factor and Bann Aana’s translational definition seeks to refer to come prepared and Bahaana’s referring to excuses/evasions/pretexts/reasons (indeed for life cannot be shouldered without responsibility, without accountability and a sense of purposefulness and legitimacy/authenticity/reality and genuineness as well as ingenuity please).

Wherever we go, whether on a journey, to work, to study, to just take a stroll or even otherwise doing the most basic of day to day things; whenever and wherever we prepare/we organize, we realize and experience a greater satisfaction.

However, if we choose to contrarily just live life as it comes, not preparing? not planning? not heeding to its legitimacy of practicing due diligence, prudence, awareness, conscientiousness, tenacity and our ever gracious wisdom; then if we ever tend to slip, we fall down hard and experience lots of pain, that’s all because all along life kept nudging us and giving us a cue, wake up; wake up; the alarms kept ringing, but if we sought to just have fun and frolic and ignore our impending set of responsibilities, then all the trains, all the strains, all the training and programming and disciplined regimens would not be able to help us for when we have to come prepared; be prepared, its in the particular time and not later when everything has elapsed for carefully remember each moment of life truly comes once in a lifetime, take care, be well prepared and all the very best always, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi