Do or die, Wrong! True our Tie/Ties, Right/Correct


Do or die is a forceful/fear oriented statement that has been resonated since very long. However, the correct I would wish to state is; True our Tie/Ties; that is far more authentic, courageous, legitimate, prudent, responsible, sincere and wise statement.

Tie humbly seeks to refer to the integrity and ties to the roots that engender/nurture/sustain us ever sow graciously. True is referring to our nature and divine essence ever sow conscientiously; God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Notion? Now Shine!


One notion, millions of emotions? Be creatively emotional and emotionally intelligent. Every notion has its pulse and then every impulse has its connotation; what does your true nature state?

Rather than just engage in the mundane thought process or gossiping or trying to keep pace with what’s trendy, what’s new and what’s the latest thing happening in town; why not authentically and genuinely introspectively reflect within the realms of your higher consciousness; your trueselves and your divine essence to clarify and perceive the greater creative magnificence and meaningfulness of your lives please; since that is what will far more greatly and graciously contribute to your progress and self development ingeniously please, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Enough/En-ought of time; Balancing Life’s Priorities

playcomposer-quotes-9-1368117360-view-0Every-60-secondsgreat-time-images-quotes-4-ac5cac6dnoyj823e2428ba365c814f19ec05ae558c5aPeople-spend-too-much-time__quotes-by-J.-Michael-Straczynski-76Are we truly devoting all the time that we have been allocated to the specific tasks assigned for the respective purposes in our lives please?

This is a honest and straight forward question where it also needs to earnestly clarify the enormous distractions through social interactions that might be condescendingly seeping in?

Where is all of this taking us after all? Everyday faced with a residue of overdrawn time? Grappling with the time schedules? Annoyed with the littlest of chores? And so on and so forth; all this actually gets precipitated with uncompleted/forgotten tasks of the agenda, when we suddenly realize and it dawns that oh no, i forgot this? and yet again another oh no, i forgot that also? how come?

If we give ourselves enough/en-ought time; then life will likewise provide us with enough/en-ought life and a lifetime of meaningfulness. There is no two ways about this; there is only one true way, which is to acknowledge what we are doing/engaging with; whether really essential or not? And ensuring that we implement and institute and effective set of preventive regimens/pro active protective/safety checks well in place that deter and ingeniously restrict any trespassing/transcending of any elements and aspects of unimportant or related factors just emerging and popping up just like that; out of nowhere and then taking us far away from our cherished goals and objectives please;

Its our life and not someone else’s that we can conveniently ignore or have another action replay opportunity; everything in life is absolutely and authentically real and so is time which is the very most real/genuine and ever most magnificent and accountable element that inspires us to awaken to our divine gracious potential of experiencing our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom; whether we are able to diligently strive and meritoriously attain greater achievements and milestones all along our lives very most conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

1/3rd of Life Spent on Dreams? Does the Ream/Remaining 2/3rd of Life Experience the Consciousness’s Jet-lag? Or Vice Versa?




All that has you, as you.All that’s yours is yours that’s all. How much are we with/in our dreams when awake? How much are we awakened with/in the dream state(s) itself?

We have a multi dimensional consciousness and while ensuring that we do not disrupt our sleep patterns or get over anxious; and neither ambiguously venture into exploring divergent possibilities of accessing the realm of our dreams; we could possibly align/reach across more effectively through our meditative consciousness practices.

A note of caution/precaution; for those who might be unaware; not realizing what this is would not be suggested to advent into any domain/experimenting/practice/realm without qualified and legitimately recognized sources that are absolutely authentic/bona-fide and not just some fancy scheme please; but those who are already well versed with meditative consciousness practice since long could perhaps integrate their divine unification practices of emerging/merging with their higher consciousness/trueselves/true nature and divine essence; to identify how best possible, millions others could benefit and more productively/resourcefully utilize this space of time which is attributing a significant part/path of each human being’s life’s span.

Perhaps; remember perhaps, by adapting/adopting and integrating certain safe and prudent techniques without any gadgets/devices or other stimuli whatsoever, through the process of resonating the sacred chants of devotional hymns/mantras, we could be able to derive and obtain a greater sense of delight/satisfaction as well as help heal many individuals to further strengthen their perception whether when awake or asleep, for the consciousness would be apparently following a preset accolade of innate aspirations/desires for self development in a profound and meaningful manner.

Time and again, it is only with the pure intentionality of self development where while availing the adequate sleep, we are contemporaneously/simultaneously integrating within our sleep/dream states a greater nourishment/revitalization of our body/mind cells as well as being about to reach across the cosmos to the astral wisdom platform of magnificent consciousness through the auspices of our intuitive faculties and suffuse the echelons of our proficient interpretation far more adeptly/brilliantly and amazingly. Its not about what we lost in sleep or what we will loose in sleep; and neither is it about what we will gain or advantageously attain by accessing our dream state/stages and try to exceed or transcend across surreptitiously? NO, its not anything of that sort/type or any such notions/ideas whatsoever; all that it is time and again is about experiencing the greater gracious wisdom that we have latent within our intelligent quotient/our intuitive paradigm/our core intuitive intelligence and to see how best we could grasp the patterns/the path ins that are being venture into during our dream state/stages and how we could better understand and integrated within them the most contentious objective of it all; which is our self development in all areas of our lives; not just for one or two or selected elite, but for the complete; for the totality, for the whole of humanity, since we all cherish the days when our world could be back to where it always peacefully was, without any of the enormous tension orientation that unfolds due to the hatred and negative emotional tendencies that have caused enormous suffering and distress; its time, we find a better way of looking true and through life and then also seek to better interpret how we could more effectively regulate our productive efficiency and overall self development, so that we could further yet joyfully contribute back to the progress of our universe ever so graciously.

So then, in due course of time, even though 1/3rd of of one’s lifetime is spent in sleep, it is being in the form of a harmonious investment of meaningfully precious moments that nurture the goodwill and progressive development of one’s primordial objectives as well quite remarkably. Its not about any miracles/magic or shortcuts, rather its honestly and integrally about effectively utilizing our intellectual faculties more exponentially for we all have within us the greater sum of potential possibilities, but in order to yield any results or tap into the pool of this reservoir of the collective consciousness of creation, we need to have a shuddh bhav(pure intent), pure awareness and pure mindfulness; being completely aware of what we intend to attain is in the better/greater interests and well being of one and all ever sow conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi



Islam and Muslims; Cherish the Gracious Divine Essence of Being



Our Muslim brothers and sisters are peace loving people who diligently strive to make the world a better place. Let us truly seek to respect the love as well as truly love the respectfulness by earnestly coming together as one family that always contributes to sustain the visions that amazingly belong to/true the unanimous goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare of the world ever sow conscientiously, God bless

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Being Sexy; Think Sensual, Not Sexual




Sex humbly seeks to refer to the statement of life that enshrines the honour, the purity, the respectfulness and the sacredness of our gender that we reverentially engender.

When we gracefully align ourselves with our true nature, with our true selves, with our higher consciousness and with our divine essence; we experience a profound transformation in our lives ingeniously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Art and Heart, The Matter, The Maturity

quote-maturity-is-the-art-of-living-in-peace-with-that-which-cannot-be-changed-the-courage-ann-landers-105-64-75The art of matter seeks the heart of matter? No, it is; the art of matter seeks/speaks the heart of maturity. So, when we earnestly strive to reach across more maturely/rationally; to/true thinks/things from an intelligently creative standpoint of view, we will be able to perceive the very same aspect from an entirely different angle/understanding altogether, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Ill you? NO, Heal YOU! Distance, the heart grows fonder; This stance, the fonts glow heartier


These few words are being humbly dedicated to those who might be afflicted with life challenging diseases. Some of them are awaiting the results of the test reports, while others undergoing treatments and yearning to/true be healed.

In a few words, all that is being sought from them is to/true please focus as much on healing; on feeling the goodness; the wellness as much as you possibly can for if you only grip/think of the disease; this-ease will also get afflicted, so that means, there is no real space left to experience ease; where this gets converted/strangely transformed to dis?

Its not a riddle of words please; it is the stark reality,the consciousness of our cells are eavesdropping and how we are believing, emoting, expressing, feeling and thereby co-relating and nurturing the cells with our pure awareness and pure mindfulness, that much more we are either aiding and contributing or refraining and wisely resolving.

Of course, the qualified medical advice/care/treatment may help to some extent, but until or unless a person firmly decides with pure awareness and pure mindfulness from within the core divine essence of their true nature that they believe and have the conviction of their healing and reinstating themselves back to/true where they always were; hale/hearty/healthy, all of the efforts maybe intensifying on one side to help while one’s ignorant attitude might on the other side be accumulating some of the most negligent vibrational tendencies and lack of morale, but why please?

To condense this and put it in one word; it all starts with the belief in our true nature, in our higher consciousness, in our trueselves and our divine essence; for from there onwards, what empowering strength and gracious wisdom emerges, aligns and flows is far beyond any words that could ever express; seek to mediate on a daily basis; be disciplined, be devoted true your life as your life is forever in harmonious consonance with you.

When near, its all of us.When away, we’re all of it. Between the proximity’s of the spaces; the core intuitive insight discerningly envisions, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi