Everyone Comes/Goes Empty Handed?

DPG_Card_Front_10_PrescienceActually the reality is that everyone comes/calm’s aim=thee=hand=it! Indeed, we all come/calmly emerge=blossom with our primordial aims and then rather than seeking to go/amazingly are endowed with myriad priceless opportunities to experience the growth/the expansion of our soulful consciousness; and thence in accordance with the will=wheel of time/upon completion of our earthly sojourn transcend across with yet more aims; which keep on infinitely consolidating themselves to the noble pursuit of our ever cherished divine awareness of being ever sow consonantly.

To state empty handed is a physical attribute and the soul does not need any limbs for it is the graciousness of creation and has been ordained with amazing intellectual capabilities to help us attain greater states of being where enlightenment/self realization and divine union with the supreme consciousness is the primordial aspiration of our being.

Therefore, time and again, with+in each and every breath, focus upon your aims for it is the purity of your aims that are forever enriching and empowering your noble ascent and remarkable prescience ever sow conscientiously, Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Inner Happiness? Inner Peace? The Pure Divine Essence of Being


Certain things happen in our lives because we live inner happiness? Certain things/thinks do not happen/unfold/unfurl in our lives because we leave inner happiness?

Happiness is a state of being/mind and cannot be attributive to every happening of our lives. We must be realistic in how we are facing/phasing each and every moment of our lives for just being happy isn’t everything and just focusing on attaining inner peace is also not everything altogether.

These states may contribute to our overall self development but they must not be the totality and the integral factor that dominates or governs everything else. Every element is pure in its essence and when we emerge and reach across with the purity of our intentions, then we tend to align with that which we are aspiring for and establish an amazing interconnectedness with the cosmic power of creation which is impartial and fair to one and all.

One incident/event/circumstance/happening and so on and sow forth cannot be the determinant of everything else and vice versa; but that potentiality of the seed, the harvest that = that one particular pure intention/shuddh bhav can empower is far beyond any words or description for from within its authentic core essence emanates the definiteness, the purposefulness and the specificity; nothing is about the i’mness but it all about the aimness; aim orientation, purely focused in a disciplined manner upon achieving greater good for the universe and feeling grateful at having been ordained with this sanctified privilege earnestly.

There’s truly so much to this that one may spend a complete lifetime and yet be yearning to realize far much more for it has been transcending the evolution of thousands of years where great sages, wise scholars and eminent/divine personalities have shown/shone us and enlightened us with the correctness and the righteousness of our living, and how much we actually integrate and implement within our lives faithfully will thereby determine the yield; but there is a disclaimer that if we do so only with our focus on the intended objective and nothing else, then we are missing the very essence and purposefulness for in aspiring to attain the goals, there is/are also the golden rules of being harmoniously aligned; where our thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions are all in perfect unison as always is in accordance with our primordial ascension; meaning that, in that pure state of consciousness where we are practicing pure awareness and pure mindfulness, we are not bartering or negotiating with the Universe or any entity whatsoever; we are calm/serene and completely detached from that doership and its then that the beingship is unfolding, yes; the being is graciously emanating and resonating its sacred choice/voice and divine essence of expressing its divine attributes and experiencing its evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom ever sow conscientiously; its then that, there is no measure, there is no treasure, there is no make sure as well as no take sure; there is the exchange and unfolding of purity to/true purity being experienced in the process of our self realization and conscious awakening to the cosmology of creation as evolution and the evolution of grace to our divine principles, our divine values, our divine vision, our divine will and our divine wisdom ever sow amazingly; forever in divine union with our divine essence of being the divine light and the divine sight of purity, purposefulness and perfection incarnate ever sow gratuitously; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi



Shivaya Namo, Shiv Aayaa Namm Ho, The Purity of Softness, The Sow-Oft-ness of Purest Thee


Shiva refers to the pure divine nectar of the cosmic essence while Namo/Namm seeks to refer to; we are/ours+as well as the calmness/the gentleness/the softness-in these referential contexts, the immaculate virtues of our characteristical magnificence; while Ho refers to be, respectively.

We are the pure divine essence of creation. Let us seek to practice pure awareness and pure mindfulness in all that we think, do and express ever sow conscientiously, Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi