God Connects Us As We’re Correct Us; God Disconnects Us As We’re Wrong Us

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This does not mean God has to actually come and do anything such as connecting or disconnecting or ascertaining when/what is evolving.

Rather, as we are all integrally connected to God through the auspices of our consciousness, so as we either do what’s proper or improper, likewise set of facts that merit our initiatives consequently unfold.

It might be instantaneous r after a while that we actually reflect upon and realize that how certain things/aspects remarkably unfolded or perhaps we may not notice at all, but there is the supreme consciousness of God that is well aware/very most cognizant with what’s now as well as several centuries ago; and of course as we all know, God knows what’s next as well, but when we learn, have true learn is that the now’s next.

Whatever is further ahead is empowered and amazingly connected and  sustained in someway or another through the gateway of the now, the present moment of our lives.

What is correct, what is wrong, what is connect, what is disconnect and what is appropriate, what is legitimate and so much more; all that we know or may never have known or could ever realize is all a matter of the pure energy exchange and how we are interacting with this from the intent that emanates from our attitudes/egos; whereas our higher consciousness knows far much more and is able to adeptly guide due to its ever gracious wisdom, but then to be able to expand and raise our consciousness to the level of the divine light and there onwards yet remain forever aligned/in divine union with the supreme consciousness through the auspices of our higher consciousness and facilitate our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom ever sow amazingly; it all states=starts and is sustained by divine providence and our shuddh bhav-pure intentionality.

Furthermore, where it refers to the captioned statement of connecting and disconnecting, the connections maybe in various forms such as certain priceless abilities, developments, endowments and serendipitous occurrences and so on and sow forth. However regarding the disconnecting/disconnections; these could be in the form of diseases, mishaps or sudden strange patterns that completely baffle and appear quite non-understandable and keep leading to myriad mysterious sets of complexities and so on and sow forth as well.

So despite knowing everything, when we defy the hands of nature and evolution in deliberately transcending the barriers/threshold of legitimacy and seeking to adopt and proclaim our own set of reasoning’s and processes that defy all that’s authentic and legitimate; then well what further ensues will be in accordance with what the cosmic law knows and thereby ordains very most precisely, Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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