Take nothing for granted


Grant “now” think for its take by living so very much in the “now” at all given times of your lives; that when the know arrives; you’re already there with your “now” to greet and grant it, its providentiality of evolution.

That’s why time and again, we are earnestly inspires to awaken to/true the reality and realization of the “now” in our lives; for this is the moment; the present moment that is seeking to speak to us as the reality, as real as it is; so that’s real as we are; we art!

Life cannot be lived illusively or just in fear or on the other hand procrastinating in a distant space/time while its unfolding right “now”. Its almost like we are disrespecting the greatness of space/time in ignoring it negligently, casually stating; oh so what? Well, then “what sow owe” as well, for if you face it, you phase it as well; but it you just phase it without even barely looking and earnestly acknowledging and doing the needful, then its face will ricochet, and like a boomerang bring so many things back, almost all at once?

No? Know? Its now; yes “now”; the now principle that is functioning then as well as now to make us realize the incredible importance and infinity of the “now” moment, which also could be the barest and most simplest task that we maybe ignoring or the merest indulgence that we maybe interfering with, by transcending all reasonable parameters/threshold’s and conventionalities/norms of acceptance; realize before its too late for too late will be two late, that means the space along with the time will all come together  seeking accountability for all the now that you let go to be faced with the phase of the “now” after all; all after; on and own; seek to practice pure awareness and pure mindfulness in all that you think, do and express ever sow conscientiously; realize this is your precious life; this “now” will never come back the same way or with the same weigh if you just keep ignoring and keep diminishing its value by scornfully indulging in wasteful pursuits or deviating from your duties/responsibilities please; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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