Want to Change (Improve) Your Life? Change Your Quest in! Don’t just Keep Grappling with Incessant Questions



Indeed, if you keep on pitching here, there and everywhere without knowing exactly why you are actually asking the question or seeking the answers for the questions from the core divine essence of your being, then you are indulging in only an egoistical satisfaction process, but why please? How long do you think that those set of feelings will actually and genuinely serve you please?

Do they bring about a greater sense of contentment and fulfillment in your lives please? Whereas conversely, when you pursue the approach from the deepest source of graceful wisdom and innate knowledge that is emanating from the quest in from within the sacred realms of your higher consciousness, your soul and your divine essence; then you are not only making well informed choices after attaining the respective answers, but are integrating each and every moment of your lives with a sense of purposefulness and remarkable sustainability in such an amazing manner that you wonder why did you all along your lives only keep indulging in that aimless pursuance of actually self improving rather than trying to command your self to improve you? Realize and carefully remember, you need to honestly and faithfully and sincerely take the needful initiatives even it relates to your higher-selves; your higher consciousness please; because unless you truly do, life will not be able to truly drew what it is that is ensconced within your deepest quest that emanates from the divine essence of your being please.

Remember that you are born from within and not from without; meaning to state that it is a sacred process of evolution, your birth encompasses some of the most amazing elements of creation, so when you respectfully regard and dutifully observe the sanctified protocol of treating each and every pulse, impulse, thought, feeling, emotion, attitude with/in a different way altogether by connecting that with your deepest quest; your greatest longing for belonging true yourselves; then whatever emanates is completely different; its like you are being amazingly endowed with a greater set of intellectual faculties to observe as well as opt serve your lives far more wisely and remarkably and also experiencing the goodness of the purity that flows, whereby everything you do is really leaving you with a greater; most fabulous sense of joyfulness that is truly one of the greatest wonders that is yielded when we attune and align with our higher consciousness, our trueselves, our true nature and our divine essence ever sow conscientiously.

If you think that by putting forth more intriguing/wiser questions, you are going to achieve and attains far more prestigious milestones? Then you are caught in an endless struggle of trying to draw millions of circles and by the time you realize, you have to face another set of millions of circles that you might have illusively and most ignorantly kept drawing? and thereby attracting/integrating with your lives? but why please?

You need to honestly accept the reality of your lives and then sincerely endeavor to/true do what’s needed/required and thereby input the respective factors within your lives with utmost conscientiousness, diligence, focus prudence,responsibility, sincerity, tenacity, truthfulness and your ever gracious wisdom; as well as ensuring prevalence/observance/practice of pure awareness and pure mindfulness in all that you think, do, emote, express, feel, react to, respond; virtually being consonantly in charge and harmonious alignment with your attitude all along, within each and every moment of your lives vigilantly.

There maybe various other discipline of disciplines to/true be devotionally and honestly observed and faithfully implemented in utmost good faith, but it all starts with the shuddh bhav-the pure intent; for from that your cherished aspirations and desires will inspire and motivate you, for then it is the quest of your soul and never the sowing well of your questions; you are not reacting or re-acting; rather you are radiating from within the echelons of your higher consciousness that embodies an immaculate reservoir of an amazing extent of knowledge and gracious wisdom to help improve and gradually change/transform your lives for the better=to/true much better; with each and every moment remaining forever in divine union with your higher-selves; your trueselves; your true nature and your divine essence ever sow graciously,  Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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