Making God, God’s Making; The Heart of Making God as God’s Art Makes Us


Within us, God makes. Within making, God’s width=in us. When we read the sacred scriptures, listen to the devotional hymns, chant the adorable stanzas elucidating the greatness of God and celebrating/decorating the idols/portraits and every representation of God that we come across, however; how about the graciousness of God that dwells within our souls please?

Realize, that the image of God is enshrined within the sacred realms of our higher consciousness;  as well as within the sanctified divine essence of our true nature and true selves amazingly. Making God humbly seeks to evoke our conscientious awareness to/true awaken true our completeness and true realize that when God has made each and every living being, which means, we have been handcrafted with utmost care, devotion, love and purity by God and how much do we actually value and appreciate/cherish our very own-selves please? Because in our creation, God prevails representatively (remember, we are the children of God) and in God’s presentation, the goodwill, divine oneness and sacred harmoniousness of our divine union radiates; so the more devoted we are to God, the more God is ever devoted to us; it all starts with living a purposeful life in accordance with our primordial objectives that we may have perhaps forgotten and started chasing illusionary objectives ever so fervently, while forgetting that the purity of our devotion is where it all begins and the faithfulness of our trust in our higher consciousness, in our divine essence, our trueselves and our true nature is where it remarkably continues to/true be gloriously sustained and ever sow ingeniously blossomed.

With the purity of our devotion, our pure awareness and pure mindfulness; we can co create ourselves as God intends to/true mold us as the divine excellence of being, however at all given times, we must remember and carefully realize that we have to uphold with utmost reverence, obedience and respectfulness, the moral principles and divine values that are embodied within our divine vision, our divine will and our divine wisdom ever sow conscientiously; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

© 2016 Vashi Chandi

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