Shiva Tattva, Parvati Paratattva; Shiva Shakti Nataraja, The Cosmic Dance, Unifying the Cosmic Glance






Para Tattva/Shakti Tattva / Parvati Tattva = The Supreme Elements of the Divine Cosmic Energy.

Shiva Tattva = The Pure Divine Nectar of the Cosmic Essence/Elements.

The Vedas = Ancient sacred scriptures; The Vedas, The way thus.

Shiva = The divine ambition of purity and pure sacred auspiciousness of being.

Shakti = The pure ambition of divinity and the pure divine cosmic energy that orchestrates evolution, the solar consciousness, the universal consciousness and the cosmic consciousness with methodical precision and most exponentially.

Spandhan = Pulse; every pulse seeks its impulse

Witnessing the sacredness of the cosmic dance through the auspices of the pure divine vision of our hearts; we devotionally align with our shuddh bhavana=pure intentions and are amazed to realize the panorama of the cosmic dance that effortlessly synchronizes with its cosmic glance in divine union with the graciousness of evolution.

It is; when Lord Shiva dances, the movement from the tattva/element to the stances/postures of Goddess Parvati is seamless and with absolute precision. One step makes, another step takes and then both steps move in cosmic unison thereby resonating the ever gracious symphony of the cosmic spandhan (every pulse seeking its impulse). The pivotal, salient and most amazing aspects to note here is the integral seamless transitions from the element to/true its stance in accordance with the graceful/seamless precisionedness; and that is embodying, encapsulating and enshrining the cosmos at its epicenter all along, so whether the Universe we inhabit or the innumerable Cosmic constellations and spatial galaxies; all dancing, glancing and marching with an remarkable aesthetic/calisthenic uniformity that’s truly wonderful.

When we write hard, we connect our emotions with what we are intending to attain; however when we write with with our hearts; our aim of shine connects us right true and through with what we envision; with all its ever gracious wisdom of being ever sow conscientiously; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

© 2016 Vashi Chandi


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