Hatred hurts one’s own-self the most


Hatred? Don’t be fooled; When you hate, you obstruct your own evolution the very most! The cells of your consciousness don’t distinguish; they keep on accumulating so when you hate others, you are actually hating own-self the very most, but why be so foolish please?

For when you want to heal or try to identify what is it that is causing so much agony/misery, it is no mystery, it is the hatred that you kept expressing for others and then your own-self gets fed up and starts vomiting back; yes, sad to say and use the word vomit, for when you keep on just hating others, what happens is that you start hating your own-self the most after a period of time, for whatever hatred emanates, goes across and ricochets like a boomerangs then voila, this is it; your total value of hatred has further intensified and keeps on getting empowered and strengthened and actually directed back towards your own-self like a missile/projectile.

So don’t follow the crowd or someone else’s lectures-announcements-doctrines-statements-publication-news-leaflets-newsletters-speeches-incitment-talks-and so on and so forth; anything even remotely negative, malicious or tending to appear suspicious delete the mail, the article, remove it completely; don’t even read about others hatred or others misery or make fun of anyone; for hatred is such that once it enters, when it leaves you becomes the biggest challenging mystery, for it keeps on making your feel that you’re doing right; but actually you are completely erring/going wrong; so never hate; never ever hate anyone including your own-self please; be wise, this is not something like saying sorry and it will go away for once you embrace hatred and then as much as you try, it keeps on surreptitiously penetrating and also harming you in the form of some mysterious self inflicted/nurtured diseases and maladies; lack of self esteem and so much more downhill, its like a valley of loss, do you want loss please? For sure NO, then why hate please? Be wise, please forget even thinking of hatred; If I have referred to do not hate; what it means is remove hatred completely from your set of feeling as gradually and as reasonably as possible; so then it is not that you are trying to work on the tactic/strategy of do not hate; there is no hatred; you do not know what hatred is, so there is no struggling with do not for even if hatred knows you; you are oblivious and do not know or even have any inkling any longer what hatred ever is or ever was or ever will be; that’s the better way, complete refrain from it altogether please; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

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