Never Seen? Scene Ever

CMn7mqxWoAAjUA_Some people all their lifetime illusively keep seeing in the direction upon some individuals who have never looked; barely cast a glance at them or perhaps never know them at all?

See the people who have never looked; who have never seen and are yet able to courageously envision through the eyes of their hearts; they are our true heroes and role models; our greatest inspiration and motivation; for they despite not having seen any colour are able to perceive the rainbows across the sky and the ever gracious colorfulness of life’s gloriousness; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

Come on, God’s Waiting; Wait? Way its, God’s Coming


Be calm in; observe within the stillness of your highest self; your higher consciousness; your true nature and your trueselves; well, God has always been right here all along and continues true be; when we are truly one with ourselves; then the presence of the divine will radiate its sacred essence ever sow gloriously; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

Reality is Really – It is Re-Ally! Illusion? ill-U-sion? Allusion, Delusion, Illusion – The Hierarchy or Facing/Phasing the Reality Please!



Always be realistic please for life is real and when you face the reality  and define your lives; then you have less of disappointments of short term deviations from the reality of life please. The hierarchy being referred to in the captioned title does not necessary imply that particular sequence or that everyone is living that way; it is some of us, who live misguidedly and keep on continuing this process quite sadly and then keep on accumulating so much and so very much more of their illusive notions that they defy the very reality of their lives, but why please?

Kindly do not mis understand since the fact of life will remain the fact and will not change or re arrange itself to be re customized or to be in an sequential order/manner to befit our illusive notions please.

Life is real, You are real, Everything that is happening in our live is Real; there is absolute Reality in Evolution. Its not scaring anyone when bifurcating the illusion into an expanded attribution towards illness – such as when writing ill-u-sion; no, not and never at all.

Rather it is being cognizant of the real facts of our lives and not masquerading or pretending that anything and everything can/could be contorted – distorted (twisted) just to suit one’s convenience please.

Sooner or later the reality of our lives will dawn for those who are lost and living in a world of illusion and then when they face the reality, its quite sad that they might find it very harsh to face, for it has to/true be faced and cannot be phased away however.

Its about living the core essence; the stark reality as it is and not dressing and addressing it in any manner that it could just be disguised temporary to make oneself happy and keep on for example borrowing/spending on credit cards with the notion that its alright, the debt is going to be taken care of later on?

That later on could keep on expanding and then also impending for when the enormous interests rates that one keeps on paying could keep on accumulating so very prolifically that one would find it almost phenomenally challenging and left wondering, how to find a reasonable and sensible – but realistic way through a more better, reasonable and legitimate way through earnestly managing it; so why in the first place, let the matters go out of hand please?

That first step, the roots that started this process should not be permitted to keep on gaining power please; for anything that is sincerely faced and realistically handled wisely right at the very start, at the inception, at the very beginning could be far more manageable, rather than trying to tackle an mountain of illusive notions and malicious sets of habits – for example, where one may have kept on consuming far much more and more of certain foods and drinks indiscriminately; and then when faced with a medical checkup, they are caught completely off guard, for their prognosis reflects an adverse health condition, but then why did they live illusively and kept on accumulating those nefarious and contradictory behaviors and self inflicted those enormous burdens upon themselves please?

It could be anything, for example, gossiping chatting, wasting one’s time, being dishonest? being irresponsible? recklessly spending? not valuing what one has? suppressing one’s emotional tendencies? cultivating negative tendencies such as anger, dissent, envy, hatred, jealousy, resentment and unknown vices? and where yet again coming back to the aspects of whether it is excessive eating-compulsive disorders that were self initiated because being sad and then feeling more sad and thinking that eating would help to fill the vacuum? or drinking and smoking excessively/indiscriminately because of irresponsible habits? or even indulging in intake of any illicit substances which are prohibited and then facing the consequences through the legal sentences as well as their cells and organs also getting affected very strongly internally whereby all the medications could not help them, but why go on misguidedly deviate from the realities of life please? or even the malicious habit of gambling and thinking that perhaps the winning stake is just around the corner? and speculating too much here, there and everywhere and jeopardizing one’s own and Family interests in the bargain?

There are so many examples that it might be literally impossible to describe all of them; the point is that with illusion, we should not get carried away, rather we should be grounded in reality and live our lives in reality for life is facing us and not just phasing us away; so when we live with the reality of our lives, we are taking responsibility, we are not just running on a treadmill of unending shocks/surprises that keep on actually demanding accountability for what we indulged in  carelessly/negligently and then its like we are caught upon in a vortex of scenarios where we are almost feeling as if we are being stretched? Actual  reality is that we stepped into the process illusively thinking that its alright, lets try it out? Why try it out when you know the consequences and ramifications that will ensue could hurt you probably far much more than you could imagine please; why not face the reality of your lives and live in conformance with the re-all-ity – the re-ally-it – reality is reality and not these bifurcated segments; but it has been bifurcated with one sole purpose which is to inspire and motivate you that reality is your friend for life whereas illusion is a temporary part which if not realistically looked within and managed and handled could possibly take you far away from your own self; from your own true nature and from your own trueselves please; kindly ensure prevalence of pure awareness, pure conscientiousness and pure mindfulness in all that you think, do, feel and express while embracing the divine completeness of your highest self; of your divine essence; of your higher consciousness, for there is an ever gracious wisdom within you, that guides you and you may also come across the various aspects/pathways of your lives; knowing what is right and wrong; knowing what is real and unreal; knowing what is illusion and what is will you shine; the divine will, the divine values, the divine vision, the divine purpose, the divine principles and the divine wisdom of your ever real life please; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi