Remain Alert, Do Not Engage With Any Negative Frequencies


Never stoop/get down to that level that the negative frequencies/the persona provoking you to get entangled into ever distract or even affect you in any way such as enticing when disguised as something else; all is not what it seems; sometimes, when something is too good to be true, please be alert and protectively safeguard yourself then as well; in fact, always remain ever alert, diligent, prudent, responsible, tenacious, vigilant and wise please; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

State the Challenge, Challenge the Status Quo; You are Not a Block of Ice, You are The Ever Gracious Water that Flows Abundantly


Whatever you do, do with pure awareness, pure conscientiousness and pure mindfulness; its not about heroism or any waywardly mannerisms please; learn to/true observe the laws, rules and regulations for here the status quo is not about the bureaucracy that is around there/somewhere else; it is you, it is within your being; yes, its all about your self improvement and self development please; do not just remain ignorant and keep rusting or allowing anything and everything to permeate/seep in and suffuse your mind please; always ensure observance/prevalence of legitimacy in whatever you intend to/true do with your shuddh bhavana=pure intentions please; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

It all Starts with Your Statement


Did you read it as statement please? Well yes, that’s correct, however here it humbly seeks to imply and exemplify the state=meant as well please.

For when you are introspectively reflecting upon the state and statement; never ignore the status of the state meant=its about the shuddh bhavana; the pure intentions, for without pure intentions; it would just remain static; stationary and perhaps in motion, but not with a meaningful or purposeful drive at all and that is not what we ever seek please.

So be lucidly clear; define absolutely what it is that you seek to attain and once you clarify well enough, then endeavor to/true keep moving ahead with determination, focus and the ever gracious wisdom of your beings shuddh bhavana; the pure intentions ever sow conscientiously; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

Mind Rings?


Worrying? Wore-ring? Rings are supposed to be worn in your fingers and not bearing/overbearing/over ringing your minds please.

Your mind seeks its austerity of pure awareness of its pure mindfulness so that you could achieve more meaningfulness in all that you do.

Don’t just keep wearing enormous/innumerable sets of rings across your minds please; learn true be realistic, you are a human being and not a human ring please; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

Bhakti, Mukti, Shakti, Yukti; Divyati, The Cosmological Divine Consciousness; Stepping into the 5th Dimension


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When we sacredly align with the graciousness of our being’s divine evolution; the hierarchy of our multidimensional consciousness’s pure energies emerge/merge ever sow graciously in its infinite continuum of our primordial consonance ever sow luminously; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

Lets talk Money; Money’s talk is Light; Its the Creative Glimpse of the Pure Divine Light of Wisdom


Money is pure energy exchange; you don’t belong to it and neither does it belong to you; you are merely a custodian, taking care of it and ensuring its deserving/note worthy flow.

If you focus all along your life, the acuteness of money has apparently brought about more of its severity; so much so that there is barely any thoughts for anything else at all.

So here, its not about any evasion/ignorance of any realities of life like wishfully thinking and hoping or dreaming, but earnestly identifying upon seeing what greater value could be created; for the world recognizes the pure value of values; its not imitating someone; but being ingeniously creative.

Each and everyone of us have that remarkable potential/talent within us to achieve and attain phenomenal strides right across our lives and deservingly contribute towards the greater good of ourselves and others.

If you believe in yourself first of all; then you have to ensure observance of firm discipline and pure devotion towards what it is that you seek to achieve.

Referring to the divine light of wisdom with reference to the captioned title is earnestly about the expansion and elevation of our higher consciousness; when from our individual consciousness we are emerging/merging with the collective/cosmic/universal and divine consciousness in seeking to/true heed to/true the purposeful living directives/tenets of fulfilling our primordial objectives/obligations in an meritorious manner ever sow graciously.

What all else that ensues is something that each and everyone of us will likewise experience in alignment with our pure devotional contribution towards our completeness; towards our totality; towards our wholeness of being; what may have happened before is that we may have contracted and in that contraction; that stiffness; that tightness, we may have unknowingly suppressed a lot of our ingenious faculties from an apprehensive/anxiety orientated perspective, but why please?

Understand, we are human beings and that only each and everyone of us know how it feels and however challenging it really becomes; those moments where to even avail a loaf of bread a day becomes so phenomenally challenging; but the point is that we are actually precipitating that precise/that identical set/status and statement of being all along then; so we are actually engendering/formenting/nurturing/precipitating and energizing those sets of elements to unfold in our lives, almost as if we like it?

Like it? No, its not like it at all; we are perhaps ignorantly embracing that particular state of being and then from the intensity of the energies, we are going on driving and deriving that and so much more; realize where we started, that money is the pure energy exchange; that same money, how it is considered/regarded leads to likewise sets of resultants; all because whatever it is in our lives, its all being facilitated through the pureness of the energy that flows from within as well as all around us; so how we intend to/true align with those sets of energies; then likewise those sets of frequencies/energies will manifest and keep resonating in our lives please; learn true pureness of energy that flows from within your divine oneness of creation and evolve with the ever gracious wisdom of being your trueself, your true nature and your divine essence is exuding and radiating ever sow harmoniously the pure energies of pure contentment; pure joyfulness and pure stillness, but never ever forget your attention/your diligent focus upon your respective duties for there must be an fair/pure awareness and pure mindfulness balance ever meritoriously/prudently and responsibly maintained/sustained to enable/true facilitate the cherished aspirations you yearn to attain ever sow deservingly through the pure auspiciousness of the pureness of your being the pureness of your ever gracious evolution; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

Learn to Live Adequately, Conscientiously, Equitably and in Calibrated Balance With Yourself FIRST of All Please


The point is from the learn to=progress towards inculcating the authentic/genuine/legitimate learn true process that emanates from the sacred echelons of your highest self; your true nature and your higher consciousness/divine essence.

Keep maintaining that pure calmness; that equipoise of the pure serenity that emanates from the pure stillness of your being that is ever tenaciously/wisely focused and in harmonious alignment with all of creation ever sow graciously; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

Never Play With People’s Trust!


Learn true live upto=up-true the commitments that you have made/pledged/promised and fulfill each and every one of them earnestly as your soul knows and is the greatest eavesdropper of all aspects/instances of all that ever evolves; so learn true be faithful right from the core divine essence of your being; no cheating, for if you cheat, you are cheating yourself forever and then you will be faced/phased with multiplicities of likewise sets of tendencies and intriguing debacles please; be wise, life is not a game; people’s trust is sacred; legitimately honor people gratuitous acceptance; they have elected you for a divine purpose; to lead them towards a more dignified and sustainable life, live your light; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

Soul Audit, When the Time is Up? When We’re Upto? Up=True the Time? The “Call” Can Come/Calm Any Moment/Time!

57e8ff8066220fbf2868227d6e39ff12366908fc7ace48198891_152020741526167_151502784911296_296888_3508146_nLearn true live in divine union with each and every breath, pulse and impulse of your being ever sow graciously, with observance of pure awareness, pure conscientiousness and pure mindfulness in all that you think, do, feel and express ever sow vigilantly/wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi