Life @ the Supra Consciousness Level, Eluding Shadows? All You “Ding” Shalt Thou As/Has


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During our pure meditative consciousness; as we transcend from the conscious to the sub conscious onwards to the supra consciousness level; transcending from the individual to the collective to the cosmic to the universal to the divine consciousness level; and access our pineal gland and merge with the pure consciousness state of our being; there is one distinct “ding=doing=bhava=bhavana=intent=intention=pulse/impulse” that sustains the process all along which is the integral virtuousness encompassing our shuddh bhavana=pure intentionality; so whether at any given level of consciousness; whatever we intend to achieve, nothing will be able to actually yield and attain; align and attune until or unless we permit the pure consciousness to predominantly prevail with its ever gracious pure oneness of being the divine oneness with the Universe within/as well as all around us ever sow conscientiously/graciously.

Its not about any fancy phrases, words, terminology or borrowing some quotes from here there or anywhere at all; for with our pure consciousness; neither about attribution or any sense of inferiority or superiority for with the austere/pure consciousness state of being, its about what we “be” and not about who we are; not about why we are here; neither about what is our purpose; for when we “be”; there is then no eluding; no illusion; it is the cosmic state of being, where we are being the rhythm of the Universe; being the rhythm of the Cosmos; everything is integrally completeness, totality and wholeness of our pure consciousness.

At the pure consciousness level, thee is no past or future; it is the “be”; the continuum infinity of “being” that consonates; that emanates; that resonates with its cosmic rhythm that’s ever intonating at our solar consciousness level; we focus on the astral realm and then want to reflect upon that with our own intelligence thinking – remember thinking, not realizing that at that level of consciousness also, its the sacred heart; that shuddh bhavana=pure intentional pulse/impulse that prevails and not our discerning sets/states of minding; its when we are very much within this World as well, that when we living with pure awareness, pure conscientiousness and pure mindfulness.

It is transcending far beyond the mundane and remaining and functioning with sound reasoning power and the ever gracious wisdom of being; with all that’s purest ever; there is no way of ever trying to discriminate or distinguish that how much percentage of purity or any such vain attempts, for purity as it is, is the sacredness that we have been born with; that is what we always need true live within; its expanding our consciousness to the level of the divine light within our higher consciousness; our highest self and our divine essence that we are *once/sum more (realize the *shuddh bhavana=pure intentionality that is absolutely detached, seeking nothing other than its evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom) in a lifetime able to experience the subliminal glimpse/experience that state of our pure being. We may have alienated ourselves in the process of trying to identify how we can be better? how we can be richer? how we can be wealthier and wiser? and so on and so forth; but the integral point is pointing appointing back to our pure consciousness; lets take a simple example; “how we can be’.

Its actually inferring  explicitly the “be”; the “beacon” we how! With our pure consciousness, there is nothing about integrating; trying to have any egoistical dominance; persuade; super-cede; defy or superimpose; for at that level, all that’s ever there is “pure” and when we realize that pure state of being; we remain in a state of Sat=Truth; Chit=Consciousness; Ananda=Bliss; and what we then onwards transcend to embark upon is all solely about the pureness where there is no question; there is only the pure quest that our soul has been enshrined with its ever gracious wisdom of growing; that is why when we complete our earthly sojourn, its the soul that does not go.

It grows and keeps growing; we keep perhaps reflecting upon one aspect or another of why and how this is happening and occurring; whereas “being”; the “be” within itself will unveil/reveal true us far much more because in that state of being, we humbly seek nothing more; do not deduce or conclude or have any hypothesis or seek to announce or keep speaking; in that pure stillness, we experience what we cannot describe in words; it is that divine union with the divine; the supreme consciousness that we have been yearning for all along; we might just refer/speak about it as self realization; but to attain that, it is the passage of the hierarchy of our pure consciousness that is not having any levels and any such references or stages; it is the pure completeness that’s within each and every one of us as its pure self; that’s why when we ever even in the briefest references indulge in any of the taint-able sets of activities/initiatives; we distance ourselves so far that much more from our pure consciousness and then strive all over again to identify ourselves with it all over again; how many lifetimes we keep on seeking to alleviate; some form/type of suffering or another prevails; the karmic dosha’s.

The good/bad deeds; the sow/reap principle; so even now in this lifetime, we are apparently going through that very same process; then perhaps, we never realized, now that we’re aware; let us endeavor to meet and greet it with our pure consciousness; the divine consciousness is not far away, it is so very much within our highest self; it is only we have been imposing innumerable sets of intriguing fallacious sets of evidences; like, show me the proof? let me have the legitimate sets of facts? If we seek to defy and define the divine with the egoistical approach, we remain forever in the mundane process of the swing concept, yielding nothing meritorious at all; for our divine/pure consciousness does not need to quantify/qualify and neither needs to have any benchmark or degree or principles or explanations or inferences whatsoever; where pureness is concerned, it is beyond description; all that it is “true be”; its not about the truth/lies; the right/wrong; the correct/incorrect; the maybe/perhaps; and neither the “this/that”, rather it is far beyond descriptiveness and transcends beyond any explanations; when we be it, we will know; when we’re now it; we’ll be, for our divine/pure consciousness is that which witnesses and observes right through our observation and we might conclude that it is some distant entity? Its the very integral breath=the prana shakti=the life force energy that’s been with us ever since; when we realize, we will be in awe and with profound sheer humility and utmost gratefulness that we have been carrying? that the divine/pure consciousness has been carrying us all along=caring us right true and through; there is so much that I could keep on writing since its just coming through, I do not have to search anywhere and look where, what and why and how, its just coming true and through and I am typing; the point I humbly repeat yet again; that the divine/pure consciousness has been carrying us all along=caring us right true and through; when we will realize, then we will know/now true be.

Realize, its be; its being; not are, who, why, what or any question marks; its the quest in marked; that celestial divine quest seeks nothing else other than learning true be; for within our pure consciousness is the be; is the being; so when we be, without adorning or bestowing; it is the endowment; it is the contribution of the pureness that emanates from the divine essence of the state of being “pure” ever sow graciously; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

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