Some People think, feel and live this way? Break free? From what monotony? You are tying yourself all the more by living, thinking and speaking this way


First of all dispel the illusion that you have been tied to any monotonous drudgery or any sort of boredom; once you clarify in your mind; then only can there be space for clarifications to yield results.

However, if you stubbornly keep defying the process of life and stating break free? You are actually braking the freedom; that is you tie/then untie; and again retie, so it is like the tying and untying becomes an accustomed behavior; an virtual habit; its more like as if you are enjoying this? But actually you are not; you are yearning for a more meaningful purpose, to make your life more enjoyable and purposeful.

It all starts with you, what you are stating to yourself over and over again is likewise all the more in an indirect way compelling you to follow that particular routine that you have set for yourself; You may read this and shrug your shoulders and state; so now what; well its actually precisely that; what now sow, sow now what’s; meaning that you go on and on for a lifetime caught in that depletion consciousness; that everything is drifting/fading into oblivion from you, for you and yes it somehow is appearing so? Like a mirage? That’s because at your sub conscious level you have determined and persevered to make this way of being, thinking, feeling, living, reacting and responding as an acceptable part/path/mannerism of your life?

It means that to liberate yourself, you will have to gradually work back, gently and conscientiously all the way to detach and replace – remember replace, since if you detach from the habit that’s not serving you, don’t leave that vacuum, learn to wisely fill a more constructive and healthier habit and mannerism that will focus upon you self development and self improvement; no matter how minute/small it maybe.

There maybe various other diligent/prudent disciplines that you may have to devote yourself towards implementing and integrating within your life’s mainstream but first of all kindly begin with ensuring pure awareness, pure conscientiousness and pure mindfulness in all that you think, do, feel and express ever sow vigilantly/wisely.

Life sways on the pathway of purposefulness; once you learn true define, then you will become life’s ever gracious definition; divine vision; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi