Message to Evil People/Terrorists; Realize the Divine Values of Life and its Sacred Nobility

Lifeless Death? Deathless Life? Awaken to Your “True Nature” of the Divine Graciousness of Universal Goodwill, Harmony, Sustainable Peace and Global Progress/Welfare PleaseDeath-Is-Not-The-Greatest-Loss-In-Life.-The-Greatest-Loss-Is-What-Dies-Inside-Us-While-We-Live.-»-Norman-Cousins

Learn true live for life as life has learned true live for you ever sow graciously. Every life you save and help sustain becomes your greatest and ever gracious blessing for infinite lifetimes; do not kill people; heaven/hell is not somewhere else and neither is paradise; whatever is ever there is right here in this World.

Please do not ever believe in any false ideology that jannat/heaven/paradise is attained by murdering people; the blood that flows through all our veins is one and the same and this has been there since millions of years.

Please do not get carried away with false stories that dying like a martyr will ever take you to heaven/paradise; that is false, for any human being that murders another remains forever in hell and is never able to attain the liberation of their souls because their conscience/conscientiousness/consciousness remains forever with that guilt of the crimes/in tragic painfulness and regardless of how-much ever appeals they remains very much in the darkness helplessly, but why please? Why follow any wrong ideologies that educate you that sacrificing  lie/lives or taking/murdering peoples lives will ever gain you a passage to jannat/heaven/paradise please?

The soul consciousness upon completion of one’s life whether through normal passing away or through any such form or types of terrorist attacks; all souls have to bear accountability; quantify; witness the review/scrutiny of their sacred selves right here in this World and remember that along with them, their Family members; near/dear one’s are enormously challenged; first with the profound shock and trauma of what happens and then with that extended guilt of conscience/conscientiousness/consciousness; for when any evil act is performed, it intensifies and expands into taking the proximity/the relationship ever so precariously; that it hurts far much more than any words; than any deeds could ever express and sadly there is no atonement or stating that one is extremely sorry for harming any human beings life on the pretext of a cause/vendetta/terrorism is never recognized or accepted by any sacred scriptures whatsoever. Realize that its here, in this World that we all pay for our bad/good deeds and sins and for the soul that is without its body and yearning to atone cannot be able to make any amends because it snatched away its own divine/noble privilege of creation the moment it even incurred/concurred any intent/thought itself of harming others please.

The Bhagvad Gita, The Bible, Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, The Guru Granth Sahib, Hinduism, The Holy Tanakah, The Holy Qur’an, Islamism, Judaism, Mahabharata, The Nihom Shoki, The Rig Veda, Shinto, Sikhism, Spiritism, Spiritualism, The Holy Talmud, The Holy Book of Mormon, The Holy Genesis, The Holy Gospel; and each and every sacred scripture ever known to humankind beseeches all of us to sincerely adhere to the covenants; the sacredness of nurturing the divine graciousness of life within us as well as all around us ever sow conscientiously.

Realize that this moment in life is priceless; what you do with this moment could transform millions of lives and you could be the co creator of history that will worship you for you good deeds because every soul will always pray for your upliftment and divine benevolence in its evolutionary grace and wisdom ever sow consonantly; Do something noble that your soul will always be proud of your for/from lifetime to/true lifetimes ever sow morally.

Believe that you have been born for a sacred purpose which is to/true treasure each and every life ever sow preciously and never/ever reflect on the converse; we do not speak of any ill will here or against life because our objective is to/true protect/safeguard and sustain the moral values governing the divine vision as well as the divine will of our ever gracious lives ever sow compassionately/wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

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