One Life, A Million Centuries; One’s Time, The Sanctuary of Beautiful+Dutiful Mile/Smile Eons

LifetimeWhen we all know that we have a limited time to/true live, then why do some of us keep wasting unlimited time of our lives please?

Make each and every breath its ever gracious/precious infinity of millions more breaths; let each and every cell of your being and tattva/elements be ever grateful to you for your purposeful living in a devoted and disciplined but meticulously conscientious/observant manner.

This is not about some fancy rhyming of words or to draw attention and forget it and get back to that same old routine of expending time as if its abundance is going to just keep elongating/extending aimlessly.

Life is meaningful, purposeful, promising and so much more; now how meaningful, purposeful and promising we are to/true each and every moment of our lives remains not just a question mark, a quest in mark but the very essence of our lifetime.

We hear and come across the fabled quote that reminds us to live each and every day as if it were the last day of our lives and then when we wake up the next day, welcome it ever so gratuitously as if it were the very first day of our lives; but more than any quotes, more than any sayings, more than any philosophy, the point that hits hardest is when we are shown a medical report that states we have only a few more weeks to live; that we are living on borrowed time and that there is no cure and that we have to start packing up /resolving the commitments and responsibilities of our lives since the countdown to the completion of our lives due to life challenging diseases is gripping us and there is no escape; but the harsh reality that we are having barely a few weeks of life left, then what do we do please?

Then there is no quotes, there is no music, there is no inspiration, there is no motivation, there is no positiveness, there is no melancholy, there is no harmony, there is no orchestra, there are only the alarm bells ringing, that this and only these much days, hours and weeks of our lives remain; alas what do i do, how do i pay of my debts/loans/mortgages and fulfill my respective obligations and put my life in order? Then there is that shock, the shock that cannot be described in words; it is extremely painful and sad, since then everyone in the World does not want to know you where it comes to helping, all they say is God bless and we feel so sorry; then you are all alone, left to battle and fight with the life challenging disease, the few weeks of life barely left and your innumerable commitments, how do you face up?

That’s why, do not wait anymore for that defining moment of your lives to define it for you for all your relatives, friends, well wishers; all might be good natured and intending to help you with words and consoling you to be brave/to be courageous, but most of all and in fact almost everything that is there, you have to actually face, you have to negotiate how you are actually going to resolve your phenomenal challenges; that’s why words cannot help build a life, it is the shuddh bhava=bhavana=pure intentions/intentional deeds that will do so; make each and every moment, right from this moment onwards be effectively and efficiently utilized in such a manner that life is forever proud of you and that you never have to stretch out your hands and beg others for they will shun you and isolate you all the more because no one likes anyone who is not self reliant; but why go to that stage at all?

Why not where you are at this stage of your life, where you are healthy, having a sound mind, capable/intelligent and wise state of being earnestly take responsible charge of your lives, for each and every moment now is also like a complete century when you are the centurion of your life, for now this each and every moment is appearing as if its truly a miracle whereas before each and every moment was; we will see?oh not know? let it be? Where did all that defiant attitude, egocentric approach and false/pretentious pride disappear please?

Never challenge the life of your time or the time of your life by wasting it in engaging in activities that are actually appearing cosmetically as if you are achieving just to convince? put on an mysterious play act of misguiding others? impressing others? (where actually you are fooling yourself the very most and loosing your own sense of self respect/self esteem all the more); that illusionary joy of being busy and actually being exhausted at the end of each day is not a fulfilling/promising life at all; whether you are a student, whether you are living/leading your personal or professional lives; start right where you are right now by journaling; writing in your log book-diary-track record-fact sheet of what is actually contributing/helping you and what will actually/realistically assist you in attaining/reaching your goals and prestigious milestones; cut out all the wastefulness which is really only the pretentiousness, life does not like us to just keep living pretentiously please; kindly awaken to the divine essence of your being;

Seek true live your divine purpose and divine values, you have been ordained with the ever gracious/precious divine wisdom; yearn to fulfill each and every moment of your lives in a befitting/fulfilling/promising manner to make it truly worthwhile where time and again it is life that is proud of you by living each and every breath with pure awareness, with pure conscientiousness and pure mindfulness ever sow graciously; take care, be/live well and all the best; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi