The Divine Will of Life’s Moments



The divine more meant of life’s wheels; living forever in divine union with the union’s divinity through our pure consciousness ever sow devotionally, disciplinarily, focusedly, orderly, precisely, prudently, vigilantly and wisely with observance/prevalence of pure awareness, pure conscientiousness and pure mindfulness in all that we think, do, feel and express with utmost diligence and alertness; Shiva  Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi


No, Its Not Dose; Its Hose, Pure=True Love Gushes/Pours from Within


Indeed, when we are full of our pure/true love from within, then we will be able to experience the graciousness of our life’s completeness, for we are emerging infinitely with the divine grace of our life’s wisdom in living purposefully, meaningfully, logically, realistically and in an well ordained and well precisioned manner/discipline and with full of devotional worship of loving what we do, loving what we think, loving what we feel, loving what we believe, loving what we imagine, loving what we aspire to achieve/attain, loving what we envision, loving what we strive for, loving what we commit to, loving what we promise, loving what we fulfill, loving what we cherish, loving what we are loving right true and through and so on and sow forth; whatever it is, it is not dependent/waiting for someone to bring us any doses, for when we love ourselves ever sow graciously, then every pulse and impulse of our breath will become the divine testament of God’s love ever sow graciously/realistically-not any rendition of poetry and lofty words for God wants us true be completely present within each and every moment and stop dramatizing and searching for words here, there and everywhere; we are having  so many commitments entrusted on our shoulders and cannot go about spending our precious energies in trying to just impress someone and in the bargain jeopardizing and obstructing our own self development=improvement please; remember and carefully realize that people will appreciate and respect you more for your frankness and realistic way of living and jot your lofty words that may sound musical for a while but will be quickly forgotten for in this World we have true be like God has sent us, which is true be life; live being truthfulness; Shiva  Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

No Need to Cut; Live Life Completely


Be focused on life’s “reality” and not the fancy statements please; realize that life likes simplicity, not any lofty words or any exponential proclamations please; your shuddh bhavana=pure intentions in all that you think, do, feel and express will speak more volumes all across your lifetime than millions of proverbs, inspirational statements, fancy declarations and beliefs for life is about walk the talk and not just talk the walk please; life’s reality is reality is life and not realty is life – the real”i”ty is about the individual consciousness that is integrally connected with the collective consciousness, the cosmic consciousness, the divine consciousness and the universal consciousness in living a purposeful life; forever in divine union with the pure consciousness of life’s purposefulness and integral aims, divine vision, divine values and divine wisdom ever sow graciously/vigilantly and wisely please; Shiva  Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

Relinquish? NO, Never Concede/Resign; Stay Determined/Focused/Perseverant


Instead of saying relinquish; re phrase this and focus on – “re link with”; for your true empowering impetus/force is in your consolidated oneness and never in just letting everything to be left in despair or thinking that God will come and fix your things for you.

God will grant you the wisdom, but the purest efforts and initiatives, you “will” have to/true take diligently/responsibly/prudently/vigilantly and wisely please; Shiva  Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

The Past, Present & Future; The March Past of Life


Regarding the goodbye; be thankful to whatever was, whatever is and whatever will be; for what you are gratuitous about augments and what you are ungrateful about lingers.

Whether the past; Whether the present; Whether the future; its the match plast and not just a march past; everything is precise and well defined; so when you align with the particular set of energies, you avail/obtain likewise set of results; be wise, its your life; Shiva  Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

Women’s Day, Empowering the Light of God’s Word #InternationalWomensDay #IndianWomen @WomensDay


Let the Woman in You be the Wonderfulness of Life. Let the Wonderfulness in You be the Divine Light of Humanity’s evolutionary growth in Grace and Wisdom ever sow conscientiously,graciously, gratuitously, prudently, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva  Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

How We Purely Feel is How We Truly Heal



The following above are your Feelings seeking for You True conscientiously/ earnestly Awaken  through Your Pure Awareness to/true Realize = How it Feels; Do not Hurt Your Feelings, Heal them Please! Its your pure awareness, its your pure conscientiousness, its your pure mindfulness; its your true nature, its your trueself, its your highest self, its your higher consciousness, its your divine essence that seeks for you true live in divine union with your pure consciousness, true lead a healthy and wealthy life fulfillingly that encompasses the divine grace of your divine values, your divine vision and your divine wisdom ever sow vigilantly/wisely please.



Realize that energy flows through us in whatever it is that we do; so if we suppress our emotional tendencies in an inappropriate manner by reflecting upon the higher/intensified sets of anger? bitterness? enmity? hatred? jealousy? resentment? we are hurting our own-selves the very most, for in those ill willed processes of the negative emotional tendencies, some of us acquire mysterious diseases  as well as known diseases such as cancer, higher blood pressure, diabetes (although not directly, but in some way, the lack of self esteem depletes the energy quotient and saps/drains away the energetic wellness of our cells so much so that we are advised true remain purely aware and not indulge in any drifting away? just vacillating and idly ruminating on any contradictory/negative aspects no matter when it may have been, for that hurts far much more although it might not be noticeable right now) and various other complexities ensue whereby it is we trying to go against the conventional norms, protocols and regulations of our lives by forcing the energy flow? How come please?

How can we turn the tide against our own-selves please? How can the bitterness of our energy force the energy that’s in us to change its constitution please? Precisely that, we are trying to redraft the characteristics and vitality of our genetic code through our abnormal behavior and irresponsible attitudes; please never ever do that, for once it sets in, that stepping in could be the gravest/greatest mistake of your lives for what is truly more than good health and wellness please? All the money in the World cannot buy you the peacefulness of your harmonious mind please; and especially when you – you and yes you have yourself opted; you have yourself selected and you have yourself victimized? self declared? self proclaimed that you like to be angry? that you like to be  bitter? that you like to nurture enmity? that you like to hate? that you like to be jealous? that you like to resent your ownself and others? and so on and so forth, but why please?

If we look all across the World today and carefully notice that more than anyone could hurt others, it is others who are actually hurting themselves the most please, but why please? What do they achieve in blaming others? in warning others? in attacking others? in terrorizing others?

They are full or hurt, so they go around hurting others? Why don’t they realize that the hurt that they are feeling is more of their own hatred, not from their Parents, not from their Societies, not from their Relatives, not from their Friends, not from their Country, not from the World, not from God, but they themselves who have opted/who have chosen to embrace all the negative emotional tendencies and then more and more and more and more….blaming and attacking and resentment and hatred? and all the more, it is the complexity, where with the bitterness of energy, one cannot heal, one cannot improve, one cannot develop; with the way we feel at the core divine essence of our being, we send across the frequencies and vibrations to all of our cells, its like the DNA of our lives, we are etching/sketching and creating so much of a process of our life’s pathways without being actually aware that yesterday was yesterday and tomorrow will be tomorrow but when will we be today/trueday/true to this day/true to this moment of our lives in acknowledging and focusing upon our self development and self improvement please?

Why run across announcing and retaliating and challenging others when we are ourselves self challenged please? The challenge is not out there, it is here, right here, light here, yes the light, the divine light of God speaks true us to awaken true our highest self, to our pure consciousness and true heal and lead a joyful, meaningful and purposeful life please; When will we actually realize and truly awaken to the divine essence of our being please? When will we truly be our trueselves; our true nature please?

What we charge, recharge, discharge or overcharge is all through the auspices of our feelings; Let us learn true be true to our feelings as our feelings have always been purely truthful true us; Shiva  Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

Your Self Esteem


Its the core stem which seeks true be nourished with the pure awareness of your pure conscientiousness of your pure mindfulness ever so graciously resonating the message, that you are complete; that you are pure; that you are not going to let off any negative steam or statements to keep channeling within yourself anymore because your pure awareness, your pure conscientiousness and your pure mindfulness have stepped in true take charge and put things in true order through the orderliness of your purest thinking which is attainable through your meditative practices of enormous discipline, devotion and oneness with your divine essence of life; Shiva  Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

#MH370 All that We Hope, Hopes that We’re All

a8cf43b61d1f4fbb57239b8a1981e74aIts all; our pure awareness; our pure love, our pure light. Right now, its not about right now at all, its about light now; the divine light that connects us with those who are unfortunately not amidst us.

Through the grace of the divine awareness, we realize; through the vision of the sacred love, we heal and through the auspices of the astral light we connect as one.

From one’s call, one’s calling performs the merger of moments where there is no gap of space or time; it is our pure consciousness that is aligning with their pure consciousness and what is spoken at the consciousness level, does not need words, it is the light that speaks.

May the light of God’s word as well as the word of God’s light and the world of Go’s light fulfill all of us with its divine graciousness, so we could share the divine pathways unitedly for at the soul consciousness level, we have never been separated from those who love us and who we love.

Right now if they could speak to us, what would it be? No, its again “light” now; the sacred communication can only be spoken through the auspiciousness of the divine light for the light speaks its own language of pure awareness, of pure love and of pure light.

So when we embrace the divine potential of our pure awareness, we emerge to be embraced by the pureness of the divine loves and thereby consequently advent in the grace of permitting the effulgent radiance of the divine pure light that emanates from our soul consciousness level to let the conversations and dialogues take place.

Remember, we are not being mystical, mysterious or mythological or even philosophical; our purpose is true be pure awareness, true be pure love and true be the pure divine light for it is the facilitation of transcending across and reaching to those who yearn for our calm perception and equipoised serenity, where we are not allowing/permitting any conflicting thoughts, ideas, emotions, feelings, judgments, suppositions, vain ruminations,imagination or conceptualization to ensue or come to the surface.

Its the divine vision of letting us light now being the divine vision of the pure awareness, the divine vision of the pure love and being the divine vision of the pure light of consciousness for those who have been yearning for this from us ever since we have been very tragically separated.

Now with the light of this moment, let us emerge and consolidate the merger of all moments as this moment of the now and be the pure awareness, be the pure love and be the pure light; for in our being, they are able to experience a “greater essence” of being the pure awareness, pure love and pure light that they have always been.

Truly speaking, more than anything else, when we each access across with the divine light, through the divine light and as the emissary of the divine light to those we love and who yearn for the emanation of our divine consciousness; realize that we came from the divine light; we are living in the divine light and we all merge back into the pureness of the divine light; but when in such tragic circumstances, when we’re not able to find/know any whereabouts, there is only one concern, where they are? how they are? how we could help them? ease and heal, but how?

There are so many questions but one quest in that expresses itself from deep within the echelons of our soul consciousness knows that at this or any moment of our lives; its the divine graciousness of light that enables us to see and be seen, whether true ourselves or those who are sadly no longer amidst us light now.

Let us please not question or raise any debates or engage in any how, what, why and when please; light now, let us spare a few moments and yet again; when possible, when we meditate as well true let the divine light of our pure awareness; the divine light of our pure love, the divine grace of our pure light be with us and ours with=in the divine hope of pure awareness, pure love, pure peace and pure light; Shiva  Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi