Millionaires, The Science of Life’s Ever Gracious Wealth; Honoring Our Genealogy, Respectful Ancestors


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Divine Vision Maa

Everyone wants to be a millionaire. The million=aire wants many=mainly true be the oneness of a creative evolutionary life/lives.

It means true be one with yourself first, then the millions will love true be yours as themselves; for what is all of life after all? Its the pure energy exchange; as you exude, so you are either included or excluded and mind you, that’s your from=forming your own inclusiveness, your own exclusiveness; your own sanctity; your own definitions; your own envisioning; you own experiencing and visualization that leads you from lifetime to lifetime with endless questions.

Whereas the yearning of the quest=in is all about where you have actually understood the divine essence of your life’s creative evolution? So then, until where you have understood, that much that you have actually grasped and leveraged the profound understanding and applied that meaningfulness in your purposeful and promising living of your lives, that much more of life’s wealthiness you apparently attained=experienced=availed and ever graciously/gratuitously earned.

Realize it is earned it started with the yearning, but that quest=in; the shuddh bhavana=pure intentionality in all that you thought, felt, expressed and acted=enacted upon with pure awareness, with pure conscientiousness and pure mindfulness precisely lead you to that specific benchmark=that specific milestone=that specific yardstick and no way that any fabrication or pretension could ever work for with life it is always authenticity, it is always pure legitimacy and the purest reality.

There is no adventure or day dreaming and waving an wand and saying abracadabra or the genie and the lamp/Aladdin; khul jao sim sim or even any other fairy tale or illusive reflection completely; for every think and everything seeks the pure sharpness; the pure focus along with the pure integrity which seeks true know that what will you then contribute back truewards the World?

How can the light of God’s word and the world of God’s light and divine graciousness be honorably fulfilled within the World’s goodwill, harmony, sustainable progress and welfare ever sow ingeniously/wisely?

There has true be a definiteness; a purposefulness and a promisingness that will seek true ensure absolute fairness and utmost observance of the covenants=doctrines and tenets governing all of creation impartially for where our creative evolution is concerned, we have true evolve creatively along with Mother Nature, along with the Environment, along with the World, the Universe, the Cosmos, the Spatial Galaxies, the Planets, the Solar System, Known and Unknown Celestial bodies and so on and sow forth; always ensuring divine orderliness prevails; and deep within us, we know what that truly is, there is no mimicking. mocking or pretending that when convenient we know and at other times inconvenient truths?

There’s no living/evolution in denial but the only way is true ever graciously accept the divine acceptance of our divine heritage and ensure true live in accordance and conformance with the divine ordinance of our lives which is not God who is somewhere there or elsewhere, but right here; right within our highest selves/our souls; always enshrining the divine sacredness of God’s light and God’s word ever sow graciously and gratuitously.

It seeks true introspectively reflect upon our divine awareness, our divine benevolence, our divine calm passion, our divine compassion, our divine character, our divine contentment, our divine conscientiousness, our divine courage,  our divine dignity, our divine discipline, our divine divinity, our divine faith, our divine forbearance, our divine foresight, our divine humility, our divine ideals, our divine joyfulness, our divine mindfulness, our divine morality, our divine nobility, our divine observancy, our divine patience, our divine piousness, our divine prudence, our divine purpose, our divine principles, our divine respectfulness, our divine sincerity, our divine temperance, our divine trust, our divine values, our divine virtues, our divine vision, our divine will, our divine union and our divine wisdom that emanates from the pure consciousness of our being; evoking us true awaken to the reality of our purposeful living and conscientiously=diligently=-prudently=responsibly=tenaciously=vigilantly and wisely strive with=in each and every breath; pulse, impulse, meaningful/purposeful efforts/initiatives exemplifying true remain focused upon fulfilling the primordial objective of our lives which is true attain the divine essence of our creative evolution.

Coming back towards bifurcation of the words, each and every phrase resonates its essence which exemplifies the divine characteristics of engendering and nurturing what our Parents; particularly our Mothers taught us; true remain ever vigilantly focused upon the creative evolution of our lives through meticulous=stringent=explicit observance=prevalence of our shuddh bhavana=pure intentionality in all that we think, do, feel and express right at the spur of the moment; its not that stating, we did think in retrospect; we did feel later on, that we didn’t express then but will do so now?

Remember, we cannot evade=mislead=fool the hands of time; for reality is reality, spell it in anyway, reality will not change the essence of time, space and principles of creative evolution to suit us, reality cannot be accustomed or acclimatized or customized; reality is what’s purely flowing true = right through  us in any given moment; that is the divine essence of life as it is at any given instance, regardless of the moment; so then it means being life and not doing life or doing live.

Realize that creation and the cosmos are not impressed by our intellectual proficiency but by our authentic=earnest=genuine=honest=legitimate=nd humble observance and pure respectfulness towards the art/arts and hearts of various disciplines of our lives, for if we truly have regard for our lives, we must first of all embrace its divine essence in its completeness, in its totality, in its wholeness, for its referring to the divine grace of God that’s within us as the divine trust of our creative evolution.

The additional elaboration that has been ventured into is with utmost respectfulness to the hierarchy=the sacred lineage of our roots, for where we have come from; where we have calm form; where we have the amazing  sacred unique versatility of pureness emanating from within all that we ever aspire for; meaning that we sanctify the very reflection itself; so reverential becomes our way towards life and our creative evolution.

Coming back to the captioned title; with all due respectfulness, here is the bifurcation of the millionaire ideology from its purest essence.

The Mill (Pure Bountiful Harvest); The ion (Pure Eon); The Aire (Pure Desire)

Its Forever One’s Truth=True Be One’s Forever (The deepest yearning for belong true ourselves) Millionaire, the mile you’re on; have you ever belonged t0=true the mile? Belonging is through engendering/nurturing the divine purposefulness for which we have been born, how far have we nobly fulfilled what we promised to do when we sought true be born please?

Have we ever introspectively reflected and gleamed upon our akashic records=the divine biographic cosmological hierarchy of our complete being’s remarkable sets of evolutionary paradigms and pathways; where every aspect, detail and nuance; absolutely everything; particularly in the form of covenants-deeds-karma’s virtually speak to us true awaken even this very moment true help establish and instill the divine orderliness in our lives, for in the divine scheme of creation, we are all pure in essence and when we realize the pure divine essence of our being, then there emanates the divine gracious wisdom that enables and facilitates a phenomenal shift in ourselves completely.

We acquire a unique divine vision and perceive various aspects thence onwards as the divine gloriousness of our creative evolution; we are able to see right true and through not for our discerning beneficial selfishness but rather for unconditional evolutionary ascension of humanity altogether; then we are no longer gliding or guiding; its the divine grace that is elucidating itself through us and that we are merely with utmost humility and sheer reverence letting the words to/true flow through us ever sow vigilantly=wisely; yet again, as a reminder, all the credit goes to=true the divine grace that is there in all of us, some of us realize, some of us are its realization by being assigned with the sacred task of convocating the imperatively instrumental importance of divine principles and divine values in our daily lives from lifetime true life=space=time; remember the akasha tattva=the ether=the space principles; its within you as much within all of creation which thereby makes us realize never to harm any living creature whether in thoughts or deeds.

This topic could be elaborated and expounded and the writing could keep on gleaming and reflecting on various aspects but then the captioned title’s essence of the focus would be moving away; that could be more extensively discussed in future topics, since now its the captioned which needs true be respectfully addressed; respectfully, since the bifurcation of the words is never intending to hurt anyone’s values or sentiments; rather it is yearning to delve-dig deeper into=in true the core potential of our divinance, true introspectively reflect upon the divine essence of absolutely  each and every breath, divine tattva=principle=values and divine essence of our being.

The Mill = The Grinding Thoughts (Eradicating the impure and wasteful thoughts)

The ion =  The Taught’s Grammatology (Embracing the moral values of our lives)

The Aire = The millennial Genealogy (Respectfully honoring the millions of gene’s/genomes within us; realizing that since centuries they have been evolving for a sacred purpose and that now that we have been entrusted their divine custodianship; to ensure that we earnestly fulfill the divine graciousness of our purposeful living at all given times; ensuring observance/prevalence of our shuddh bhavana=pure intentionality in all that we think, do, feel and express ever sow vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

© 2016 Vashi Chandi