What’s Happening in the World? Its Cosmonomics! The Cosmic Disciplines of Creative Evolution




As we attain a better understanding and core essence realization of our trueselves and all of creation; then we will be able to experience and yield a greater graciousness in our lives.

This is truly about the core divine potentialities; the sacred polarities and the pristine pluralities; many of us have forgotten true determine and ignorantly/illusively/mistakenly believe that the solution lies somewhere there far beyond?

While all along the resolutions remain firmly enshrined within the echelons=the sanctified realms of our highest self; of our higher consciousness; of our true nature/trueself and our divine essence/our divine consciousness. Realize carefully and integrally, its not about exploring all across the Cosmos to identify the amicable resolutions and the phenomenal revitalization’s; rather, its all sow very much encapsulated/embodied within each and every one of us; earnestly needing true awaken true the divine graciousness of our being; when will some of us ever realize please?

Learn first of all true live in divine union with your pure consciousness and align with that calm serene equipoise that you were born with; reaffirm the pledges you took before descending on Mother Earth by expanding your consciousness; elevating it to the pedestal of the divine light that’s ever graciously prevalent in all aspects and facets of your higher consciousness’s creative evolution’s sanctity ever sow compassionately, gratuitously, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

 © 2016 Vashi Chandi