Fat? Obesity? Overweight? Realize Your “Grace”, Not Other’s Gaze Please!


When you truly love yourself as much as life does/thus; then all else will fall into its harmonious alignment;  appreciate/cherish and treasure your self worthiness; it is the greatest treasure; never ever let someone else’s opinion/sarcastic remarks ever discourage and demotivate you, for you know your trueself will start empowering and strengthening your outlook towards life and all else quite remarkably; please try it, your true nature, your highest self and your divine essence always seeks for you to acknowledge it; its your soul speaking true you to gratuitously appreciate yourself completely/totally and fulfillingly for like everyone else, you true deserve the best; but that super best/that passionate grace emanates/flows from within the echelons of your higher consciousness and your true self; you are the best and so is your life; all the best; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

 © 2016 Vashi Chandi

Life Bytes


Its how we perceive that our life remarkably unfolds; the perception here denotes what we derive from the source/essence, for we may mean something else when we speak, but the ever gracious wisdom of our sacred hearts is ever pure.

Its not as “Life bits”, “Life by its”  and neither “Life bites” but rather “Life bytes” ; the terminology is not essentially attributing anything with computers or the digital era/technology, but rather by the “essence” of what it is from within its core tattva=principles=elements of evolutionary particles.

“Bytes” when rephrased in the above/captioned contexts, intends true reflect and resonate “Set by”. The essence is always focused upon and remarkably manifests authentically/genuinely and legitimately regardless of what we interpret for the vocabulary of our lives with its amazing phrases/terminology/verbs/verses and words seek to/true evoke our conscientious awareness to ensure the observance/prevalence of pure awareness and pure mindfulness in all that we think, do, feel, intent/intend, seek/speak and express through our shuddh bhavana=pure intentionality ever sow ingeniously/vigilantly/wisely;

Love in the above context seeks true exemplify its pure/true essence of love as it is; which is the pureness of our devotion towards each and every aspect of our lives. When we do what we love and when we love what we do, we realize there’s so much more focus devoted towards the respective agendas/assignments/duties/tasks and a greater sense of pure joy and purposefulness; its as if we are realizing our divine potential and keep on enriching ourselves with a greater/gracious sense of awareness/realization; then onwards, what we may have previously considered/regarded as a mundane task becomes an maestro/masterpiece and we are creating/crafting the Mona Lisa/the Picasso/the Michael Angelo masterpiece version of workmanship with an exponential proficiency/prowess almost as if we were destined true be its architect/engineer/sculptor and manifesto as well; just imagine we ourselves had an exceptional talent submerged well within – enshrined within the sacred realms of our true nature, of our trueselves, of our highest selves/higher consciousness and of our divine essence that when it emerged, helped us true further intensify our capabilities astoundingly/phenomenally; and that too as some may exclaim the fabled adage – :almost out of nothing at all- well, in any way we reflect upon it with awe/wonder and may not have the actual words to express its magnanimity but the results speak for themselves and then we further keep engaging ourselves in associating ourselves with greater meaningful sets of objectives that is/are all relate to sustaining the visions that belong true the goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare of our Universe ever sow graciously/ingeniously/vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

 © 2016 Vashi Chandi