Complicated Mind? Calm Placate It


Be purely mindful; when experiencing anxiety or hyper stress/overwhelmed, don’t keep intensifying the enormous sets of worries incessantly. Seek true understand yourselves in order to be well understood please.

The point is that don’t add fuel to the fire; if you are facing some challenging issues, seek to reason out and ensure that whatever you do is with complete awareness and your pure mindfulness; seek to practice calmness, meditation and other essential protective/safeguarding practices, but do not intensify the complications please; be vigilant and wise please; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

© 2016 Vashi Chandi

Its Live


There’s a lot happening in the world that’s unprecedentedly happening well beforehand in the word before it actually unfolds/happens in the world.

But then, do some of us actually realize the essence of what’s evolving after all? Its all live, instantaneous and we can experience it well before it unfolds, then this means, we must carefully weigh out words in the manner the world weighs them, for true be the world, we got true be its word, right now, live now, know live, know life as it is; has itself; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

© 2016 Vashi Chandi

No #Sexting Please; Teenagers, Realize the Dignity of Life’s Genders Engenders Pure Respectfulness Please



Quote the following excerpt from the above web site which highlights the enormously challenging predicament very deplorably being faced by some teenagers, but why is this happening please?

Social media and dating apps are putting unprecedented pressures on America’s teen girls, author Nancy Jo Sales says. Her new book, American Girls, opens with a story about one 13-year-old who received an Instagram request for “noodz” [nude photos] from a boy she didn’t know very well.

“When I was a girl and the things that would come up in your life that were difficult or troubling or whatever — there was always a Judy Blume book for it,” Sales tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross. But, Sales says, when it comes to responding to an out-of-the-blue solicitation for naked images, “there’s no Judy Blume book for that. There’s nothing for them to turn to, to know, like, ‘How do I react to this?’ ”


We all cherish to lead our lives in an dignified manner and not with the embarrassments, fears, anxieties and such shocking predicaments.

This is not about any particular country, but it might be happening in various parts of the world and might not be openly discussed due to fear of revelations and how could anyone confront/face the enormous pressures? but someone has to vehemently oppose and resolutely defend the legitimate rights of teenagers by first of all educating them/clarifying their perception that they are not at all in any way whatsoever obliged to give into any such coercion, blackmail, illusive practices and neither is it a hard and fast rule or an eligibility criteria or any social norm or any accepted standard at all/as well as any other misguided concepts; etc.

As featured in some of the above; as well as otherwise, it can also be duly ascertained and verified through the legal channels/sources that it is completely against the laws and regulations and liable for prosecution; here is a reference link in this context: quote:-


What is ‘sexting’ and is it illegal?

Sexting is when someone sends or receives a sexually explicit text, image or video on their mobile phone, usually in a text message. In many cases, a young person takes an explicit photograph of themself and sends it to their boyfriend or girlfriend via their mobile phone or social media.

Sometimes, the recipient forwards the photograph to their friends or posts it on the internet. This can cause enormous distress to the person in the photograph.

As soon as you press send, any photograph you sext is no longer in your control. It can be posted anywhere on the internet. It could end up on social networking sites or even porn sites. And it may never be possible to get it removed.

What’s more, many young people do not realise that they are breaking the law when they send images of themselves or someone else.

Police generally focus on keeping young people safe rather than charging them with an offence, but:

  • If you have any indecent images or videos of somebody who is under 18 you would technically be in possession of an indecent image of a child – even if you are the same age. This is an offence under the Protection of Children Act 1978 and the Criminal Justice Act 1988.
  • If you are under 18 and you send, upload or forward indecent images or videos onto friends or boyfriends/girlfriends, this would also be breaking the law, even if the photos are of yourself (‘selfies’).

If you are a young person worried about sexting or you are a concerned parent, please call 101 or email
You’ll also find more information and help on the Child Line website


Please defend and protectively safeguard our teenagers and help them for if they are not able to speak due to some fears or other factors, please help to understand them and provide them your moral support so that they can be safeguarded from any exploitation;s or wrongdoings in any way or manner whatsoever please; ensure pure awareness and utmost vigilance at all given times please; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

© 2016 Vashi Chandi

Digitized World? Where are We Actually Heading? Intending “True” Reach?



Our lives have become so=sow very digitized that all=almost whatever we have is screens? When will we also “screen” our having as well please? Our lives are not technologies itself; there is more “true” our lives; we must realize and ensure that we are not overlooking ourselves in keeping pace with the screens digitality while the core divine essence of our dignity that seeks that we earnestly establish an equitable=harmonious=good willed balance in our lives is duly accorded likewise important stature, credence and prioritization as well please; When will someone listen, realize and authentically=genuinely and legitimately understand please? When please?……Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

© 2016 Vashi Chandi

Who are You? Read the Light of God’s Word


Divinity is being “true” you. You are “being” truly divine.

There’s a complete world of meaning in this, for when you are able to realize the divine essence of your being; then your perception of the world within as well as all around you will completely change altogether; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

© 2016 Vashi Chandi

God and Blind Faith? NO, There is NO Blind Faith; It is Devotional Bind/Bond/Bound Faithfulness

Truly Know “What” You are Doing; “Why” You are Doing and then True Ensure that NO One is Ever Hurt/Harmed with Any Thoughts or Deeds


Everything to do with God and God’s teaching’s  elucidates a world of meaningfulness and purposefulness of the divine principles/values of our lives.

When we utter God, like for each and everyone of us it maybe a different expression that cannot be put forth in words, for God is truly beyond description and is the greatest/ever gracious wonder of wonderfulness.

I would wish to humbly refer to one of the respectful connotation’s of God’s divine gloriousness as follows, with utmost respectfulness.

G refers to=true the graciousness of our sacred wisdom.

O refers to=true the divine ordinance of or our souls primordial agenda.

D refers to=true the dignity, devotion and discipline of our shuddh bhavana=pure intentionality in all thoughts and deeds.

Regarding the captioned title of blind faith, indeed, there is no blind faith, there is an extremely highest degree of responsibility; of the divine loyalty towards our faithfulness which first of all seeks to=true ensure that we are true to our nature as well as nature true the truthfulness of our lives, for when we experience our true nature, our trueselves, our highest self/our higher consciousness and our divine essence; then the divine gracious wisdom of God fulfills our lives and then whatever we ever do is the symphony of God’s grace that flows throughout our lives as the divine testament of God’s gloriousness.

So at anytime, you might come across reference to blind faith, think carefully again, it is seeking to refer to being true to whatever it is that you are doing; whether you work, whether your study, whether your living, whether your breathing, whether your thinking, whether your aims/ambitions/aspirations/imagination/desires/objectives/obligations; whether your duties; whether your destiny/your fate; whether your focus; whether your time; whether your inclination; whether your hopes; whether your vision; whether your emotions and feelings; whether your pulse/impulses; whether your inclinations; whether your intentions; whether your respective agendas, assignments, chores, commitments, obligations, objectives, duties, purpose, promises, tasks and so on and sow forth; whatever it maybe, whatever designation you may have been entrusted with whether in your personal or professional capacities/designations; realize that we are all the children of God and need true to true to whatever it is that we do from within the sacred realms of our souls, it has been stated that work is worship, indeed, whatever we do, we do it with the pure devotional adoration that we are doing it for God, but then a strong=strict reminder that never ever do anything whatsoever that hurts/harms any living being either in thoughts or deeds, for that when you do, you are hurting God, you can never harm God, you are hurting God, and when you hurt God by harming/hurting others; your inflict misery in your own lives; so never ever just tread doing anything and everything on the basis of blind faith for there is NO blind faith, it is devotionally binded=bonded=boundlessness  of the divine gracious abundance of faithfulness of your devoted disciplined towards God by coming true gather to with your pure awareness, with your pure conscientiousness, with your pure mindfulness and with your pure intentionality=shuddh bhavana to sustain the visions that belong true the goodwill, harmony, sustainable progress and welfare of the World/Universe(s) ever sow ingeniously, ever sow vigilantly and ever sow wisely and yes a note of caution, never ever just remain aloof or ignorant for the boat that you are in can be anywhere that you are, the boat is only a symbolic reference; it means, remain ever alert at any given time/sphere of your being and know what you are actually doing=truing and never ever proclaim that it is blind faith towards God, for no one will ever accept that including your soul and God, for blind faith means a commitment of being completely, of being totally and of being wholly=fully aware of what it is that we are thinking, doing, feeling, express and implementing at any given moment regardless of anything else, for no excuses, no pretensions and no blaming or victimizing attitude please; remember be true to you nature as well as nature to your life’s truthfulness ever sow ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

© 2016 Vashi Chandi

With All Due Respect, This is Not Completely Stated in its Entirety!


Indeed, we are all precisely where we ought true be in accordance with God’s plan but beyond that is our primordial soul agenda; which is empowering our divine gracious evolution infinitely.

To put this very briefly and to the point, it means that “part” of God’s divine “plan” is the “path” the cosmic energies that flow through us.

Now, if we just be wherever we are and keep on focusing on the captioned and just remaining idle, our lifetime will be yielding its completion unfulfilled.

Meaning that our complete lifetime would be spent vainly rather than veinly; what veinly seeks true refer to is the sacred wisdom that’s enshrined within our true nature, our trueself, our highest self/higher consciousness and our divine essence.

We may come across some individuals who just keep vacillating or pursuing a pathway that is completely contradicting purposeful living; erring as well but attributing it to God’s plan?

Then conversely we may come across other individuals who while honoring God’s divine plan by acknowledging it keep diligently striving=keep ambitiously venturing ahead with their purposeful living through their prudent focus aimed upon achieving meaningful goals/objectives that nourish/nurture the divinance of their souls.

Its like with each breath, they are celebrating the very divine essence of their lives; and they are continually bestowed/endowed with more and more and more=and infinitely abundant supply? No supply is not the appropriate word; it is abundant provision of the divine gracious wisdom=the divine potential that they are replenished with.

Well, so yes this is what it is; God’s divine plan while yearning for us true be one with ourselves; where we elevate/expand our consciousness’s conscientiousness to the level of the divine light within the sacred realms of our highest selves/our true nature, our true selves and our divine essence and then recognize what it is that we could precisely focus upon  in our lives that could create greater goodwill, harmoniousness and earnestly sustain the noble visions that belong to the meaningful/purposeful welfare of our World/Universe(s).

If at any given time, anyone whosoever that maybe ever malignantly embarking on attacking/hurting others and then attributing that to God’s plan or chanting God’s name and terrifying other souls, then that is never God’s plan for God never ever indoctrinates in any form = medium of communication or ideology ever state that when you terrify others, you will achieve martyrdom/salvation; never ever, it is some scholars who have not realized the divine essence of God’s plan at all and have been going around brainwashing – tarnishing the mindsets of millions of individuals to pursue the completely errant pathways of lives where those that hurt others are never ever able to attain salvation, they remain caught in between the realms of heaven and hell for infinite lifetimes; they are never ever going to attain any salvation until their souls realize the oneness of God is pure, and those who misuse God’s name for their selfish/ulterior motives are all the more punished for they uttered God’s name with performance of the most horrific evil actions and constantly with negligent intentions keep repeating God’s name as an attributive solace? How come? How could they ever misuse and seek to betray God’s trust?  for they mislead others with God’s followers on totally deviant and wrong pathways of life; do they know what is God’s name please? what is/are God’s aims please? what and who is God please? For sure, scholars who are not fit to be even regarded as scholars since they are tarnishing the very title of scholar very most deplorably/shamefully; they are not even deserving to be called human beings; for they are instigating other individuals to cause enormous distress; to hurt/harm others ever so surreptitiously.

They have completely misinformed and mislead millions of people on the wrong pathways of life instigating and provoking others that when they take revenge=when they retaliate, when they hurt/terrify others, then they will be blessed? No, they will be cursed with the most terrible wrath and unfortunately their families will also be afflicted with the karmic doshas=the fruit of the bad deeds for several lifetimes; including this very lifetime as well; time and again God never ever states to snatch away others lives through terrorizing or in any other manner that is contravening the norms and ethical tenets of purposeful living at all; our lives belong to God, we are not = we have not been conferred the liberty to decide for God and act on God’s behalf by attacking people through terrorism please; this doctrine that is being taught to millions is the maligned doctrine and never the word of God, for the word of God’s light and the light of God’s world always seeks for each and every soul true live its soul agenda which is  namely to=true ensure the goodwill, harmony, peacefulness, progress and welfare of our World/Universe(s) as one joyful/productively efficient=resourceful, divine will balanced, divine values intentioned Family.

The point and intention was to very briefly refer to the captioned but since the manner and way in which the most blasphemous atrocities are being committed and millions of precious lives have been snatched away citing God’s name? really calls for some resolute understanding and authentication needing true to communicated to those erring that never ever use God;s name; any religion, any faith, any teaching,any scripture, any doctrine, any covenant, any hymn, any-any and absolutely any sacred scripture of any religion never ever states to attack, hurt, harm or terrorize others at all please.

God is one, call God by any name and God’s divine plan is for us true live, for us to grow and not for us to go blindly on someone else’s saying; that blindness is not humanity, it is the path of evil and is never the path of God.

To know what is “true”live the divine essence of God is “true” be life and now coming to the part of other aspects/pathways of life; where there are other individuals who are just lazing around expecting the fruits to fall in their lap without taking any meaning/purposeful efforts/initiatives; then there are others who are always resenting others and full of negative tendencies/malicious thoughts and feelings; vicious imaginations, always plotting of defrauding others? and likewise there are others who are always angry? then there are others who are envious? as well as bitter, jealous, disrespectful and just charging through life?

This list could go on and on with the enormity of the various contradiction’s and yet the list would not be completely specified, the point is not to paraphrase and elucidate the bad, the evil;but rather for those who are erring; that they better realize that God’s plan is always true ensure that we are living with pure awareness, that we are living with pure conscientiousness, that we are living with pure mindfulness and that we are living with our shuddh bhavana=pure intentionality in all taught’s, thoughts, actions, deeds, expressions, imaginations, aspirations, desires and yearnings/and so on and sow forth.

To briefly summarize the above, there is so=sow much/match more that will ever graciously unfold when we seek “true” live our lives, not waiting illusively/ignorantly or negligently but ensuring that with=in each and every breath we are making God proud of each and every one of us by first of all, never ever hurting any living being, whether in thought or deed; we did not give birth, we did not create life, the only rights of our lives belong to God; so no one whatsoever has the right to snatch away other living being’s lives through terrorizing others and proclaiming God’s name for that is what they are needing to banish from their beliefs altogether, for never ever does God in any religion, in any sacred scripture or through any form of communications ever advocate terrorizing people and snatching away people’s lives.

The greater/gracious pathways of God’s plan will be revealed true each and every one of us when we earnestly seek true live our lives in accordance with the pristine light/the divine lamp of our sacred hearts wisdom that is auspiciously sustained by our divine awareness, our divine benevolence, our divine calm passion, our divine compassion, our divine character, our divine contentment, our divine conscientiousness, our divine courage,  our divine dignity, our divine discipline, our divine divinity, our divine faith, our divine forbearance, our divine foresight, our divine humility, our divine ideals, our divine joyfulness, our divine mindfulness, our divine morality, our divine nobility, our divine observancy, our divine patience, our divine piousness, our divine prudence, our divine purpose, our divine principles, our divine respectfulness, our divine sincerity, our divine temperance, our divine trust, our divine values, our divine virtues, our divine vision, our divine will, our divine union and our divine wisdom ever sow compassionately/conscientiously/graciously; ever sow ingeniously, ever sow gratuitously; ever sow joyfully; ever sow purposefully; ever sow authentically, legitimately, diligently, prudently, sincerely, tenaciously, vigilantly and ever sow wisely with each and ever akasha/space tattva=principle=element of our being and the Universe being within as well as all around us consonantly in divine union with our pure consciousness ever sow focused upon being “truly” awakened to the divine essence of our being and seeking true realize the greater morality/purposefulness of our lives; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

© 2016 Vashi Chandi