God Loves to Belong “True” You; Shiva Shakti Navaratri, Learn “True” Be “Self Reliant” and Purely Worthy of God’s Divine Grace



Pure Focu













There have been billions of questions and there will continue to be many more questions; but the point is; before asking, how about the accountable/authentic/earnest/legitimate/responsible tasking?

Life is not meant to follow a path solely when things fall apart; rather, its always true live with pure awareness, pure conscientiousness, pure intentionality=shuddh bhavana and pure mindfulness at all given times; in a pro active and strictly disciplined manner.

When we are truly self reliant, we are appropriately availing God’s blessings that are so very fortunately with each and everyone of us; whereby,. we are fulfillingly taking care of ourselves, our families and resolving our respective challenges in a dignified, respectful and remarkable manner; as well as conscientiously evolving through graciously/gratuitously acquiescing ourselves with the divine light as well as the gracious wisdom enshrined within the sacred realms of our true nature, of our trueselves, of our divine essence and of our pure sacred hearts; for with knowledge we learn for a particular while/set of time; whereas with wisdom, we become the integral life time learners of our being’s/of our life’s ever graciously creative wisdom; its profound understanding; its divine purposefulness; of the vast meticulous essence of the discipline of disciplines as well as the essence of the sciences of our lives; we are then co creating in divine accordance with God, with Nature, with the Cosmos/Universe(s) as its always been/being primordially emanating with the goodwill of the divine union of creative evolution; this is why the above quote=every as(k)pect of evolution is task pact; there is a divine pact=an sacred orderliness that every aspect of evolution fulfills itself with its divine completeness; whereby it ever graciously blossoms; however when we likewise fulfill our divine ordinances and experience the divinity’s grace flowing from within the sacredness of our divine core/our innermost being; our higher consciousness; our pure sacred soul’s echelons/realms; a greater part and path of our lives remarkably evolves with a more brilliantly infinite precisionality; almost as if out of nothing at all; well its not just the nothingness and dust to dust alone.

It is encompassing the meritoriousness of our divine abidance/honoring/compliance with the divine purposeful living, of realizing our pure divine potential and then we perceive through our divine vision that its not just there=meaning the as(k)pect is not just about going on asking God for more and more and more and more………. without actually honestly, integrally and fulfillingly attending true the legitimacy of our divine ordinance, which is task=duty; pact=union orientated; it could be different statures, that we are playing multi dimensional roles, but each role is not that we are rolling the play or just whimsically stating, oh, let’s see, when time comes, we will think about it; for now, lets enjoy and reap the benefits, who cares?

Well, this is the ignorant/fallacious thinking of the ego, that “who cares” attitude; for, for someone else, it may mean/affect millions of lives, which means millions and millions of families are prolifically dependent on that “simplest and most basic care”; it might be their very prana shakti=life force energy that they elusively feel is being challenge? Which of course is untrue, since due to the prolific anxiety/fear,they mistakenly think, its their complete being that’s phenomenally overwhelmed? They apparently forget that their higher consciousness; their true nature, their trueselves and their divine essence is far more formidable and resolute than what they may have ever imagined. Actually, here it means to apply to the very most basic essential necessities that’s threatened; that they are deprived of; whereby they could strive to earnestly fulfill and lead/grow with=in their lives; but then if one ore more particular group of individuals shockingly step in menacingly? stampede? snatch away? usurp? Defraud? seize and challengingly dominate the complete scenario in such unfair manner that is virtually causing enormous pressure/stress upon the lives of so many others just to be able to accrue personal benefit for their own selected groups?

Where those innocent millions of soul’s evolution is being unfairly hampered upon in their/this earthly – most basic day to day living/necessities; the individuals/groups inflicting this harm/this enormous unfairness upon the humble defenseless victims would be calling upon the wrath of their own delusionality to mislead them and pay enormous penalties and be inflicted by mishaps/diseases/misfortunes as determined by Nature and the Universe for there always prevail laws, rules and regulations apart from our national and international jurisdictions; where the kingdom of God decrees and determines impartially and when those who are liable to be prosecuted have no means to evade/escape from the divinity’s prosecution; actually God does not ever prosecute, its those who malign others well being accrue so much of mis deeds in their portfolio that this by itself contaminates everything else in their portfolio, whereby they mysteriously notice how their financial worth, their assets and their fortunes all dwindling and diminishing consternatingly; well when they put others through enormous hardships, they resulted in infinite sets of lifetimes including this lifetime to keep paying for their sins/misdeeds; and how the hands of Nature/Creative Evolution play its/their roles, we know very well; it never takes time for something’s to happen where the accountability/the consequentiality/the karmic deeds=the doshas(deeds)=the dasha(time spans periods cosmologically referenced); the sow/reap principle; what goes round, comes around; this is seeking to apply to those even shunning/avoiding their legitimate tasks=duties and only asking and going on asking God, but first God would speak through the divine light in seeking to know; have we fulfilled our respective tasks please? Then how do we ask please? Its about establishing the meticulous audit of the divine legitimacy/the divine orderliness/the divine purposefulness/the divine commandments/the divine covenants and all that’s purely divine seeking for us true first earnestly fulfill the respective tasks rather than just keep asking God, the why, the why’s and why not=not’s?

The more the why not’s=the more the knots vie far much more; its a tug of war where we are pulling? denying? depriving? folding? concealing? hiding? diminishing? and so on and sow forth; indulging in mysterious sets of behaviors of whimsical attitudes that do not be-hove well of our divine selves at all; its like as if we are creating another us? another self to represent us=whereby we wear/don different caps that are having so many faces, that we almost become like play acting=enacting different delusional scripts of life and in the process forgetting to=true actually lead=live our lives in an divinely orderly manner, but why please?

That is why, when we realize, we will stop asking God incessantly and earnestly strive to do=to true what’s appropriate in our lives; never aiming upon proving egoistically, but rather focused on the primordial aim of improving ourselves from within; first and foremost always facing our tasks in a dignified and responsible manner; almost as if a check list; a fact sheet basis, accountably ensuring that we are fulfilling our part/path integrally in order to-true enable the nature of evolution to thereby assist in its legitimate evolution.

This would thereby lead us towards playing greater roles in our communities, our countries and our world as well. Self reliant is not about a fancy statement that is just worn as a medal and contradicting one’s attitude/behavior and mannerisms of living.

Its about the core pure true self reliance that emanates from the sacred realms of our true nature/trueselves and our divine essence; whereby with our higher intelligence, we are achieving/establishing a greater sense/essence of equanimity, goodwill, harmoniousness and realization/understanding of ourselves and others respectively.

God never ever advocates that we keep asking him and begging him when actually realize its the appropriate/earnestly/committed tasking=the legitimate duties fulfilling that needs true be attend to! and the bigness within/the divine graciousness; reflecting introspectively upon the divine gracious wisdom enshrined within the sacred realms of our higher consciousness.

All that God seeks is that we ensure that we maintain our austere purity/sanctification by letting go of the suppressed emotional tendencies; the anger, the bitterness, the envy, the greed, the hatred, the jealousy, the illusive resentment and enmity/maliciousness and any sort/type of anything that is bad, harmful whether in thoughts, taught’s, actions, expression, deeds; in any given sense or representation; whatever it is must be absolutely bereft of any pretensions/ play acting, since with God, there is no fooling around.

Its seeking to earnestly fulfill our respective agendas, assignments, commitments/chores, duties, objectives/obligations, responsibilities, services, studies, tasks, vocations/related facts/factors with complete/total awareness, mindfulness, integrity, utmost responsibility, observance of divine principles/divine valuesvigilance and wisdom.

The more we chase God? Then God wonders that the soul knows that the Lord is enshrined within each and every living being’s sacred hearts; but the egoistical tendencies of some individuals seeks to appease God and start entering into partnership with God? This is total delusion and extremely far beyond any definition, for how can anyone ever imagine to relegate God to the level of a business partnership? How does it make sense? Legitimacy ? To just dominate the sacredness from a commercial standpoint of view? God’s love is pure and seeks for us true be our true nature, true be our trueselves; true experience our divine essence; true realize our divine purposefulness in this amazing life; so there is no way to ever even remotely ever contemplate on any contradicting approach, for if we may have good/pure intentions, God knows far much more before we could even utter even a single syllable, for the divine grace of God has created all forms of life/being, so how could we ever seek to negotiate with God from a barter point of view? First of all, its the divine light that we are communicating with for us to have even the merest glimpse of God could take several lifetimes or even just the glimpse of the merest moment; what matters is the pureness of our devotion, for God is never impressed/swayed by any of our illusive pretensions or assets, for the worldly assets cannot help us to=true read and speak to the light; can we read and listen true the light? There’s truly so much more to this, that it would take us far beyond millions of eons even to come anywhere near, let us be realistic and focus on this lifetime and our focused purposeful living, instead of vacillating and trying to divert/shift the attention away from our responsible approach towards our lives purposefulness please.

Conversely, if some good pure hearted souls might nobly intend to reflect upon the divine commandments/sacred covenants of the pure path=near=ship that’s been prevalent ever since time immemorial = that would be something else altogether, since it is aligning our divine light; our individual consciousness along with the collective consciousness = to thereby advent onwards true aligning with the cosmic/universal cosnciousness true seek the divine grace of the supreme consciousness in implementing the good and pure intentional = the shuddh bhavant sets of initiatives in an utmost good-willed manner.

Which also means that some individuals who graciously/gratuitously realize the divine oneness with God enshrined within their true nature, their trueselves and their divine essence at any given time humbly expresses grateful thanks for the divinity within; not elucidating any intricate mantras=japas=sacred chants for hours together? But earnestly sitting for a few minutes during our early morning meditation in the calm serenity of ourselves with the divinity’s eminence; with complete/total discipline yearning to facilitate = attain the fortune of being able true listen to God’s divine light that speaks to=true=through us; remember we are are all children of God; regardless of whatever designation/stature we may have attained/reached on this earthly realm, which reminds us true be humble and righteous; utmost alert and disciplines; learning “true” listen true the divine light of God speak to=true=through us ever sow graciously/graciously.

All the diamonds, jewels, monies, riches, treasures and assets are absolutely incomparable/beyond any comparison to the true wealth of God’s blessing’s that we have already been bestowed/endowed with ever sow fortunately. Now what we each do with these priceless blessings; through each and every breath; each and every faculty and our creative evolutionary intelligence will thereby augment and replenish the abundant reservoir of the true wealth of our existence that our souls have been yearning for ever since centuries.

When we realize our divine oneness with God; then we are able to=true realize the divine ordinance and divine purposefulness of our lives; that we have not just been born, but we have been borne with the pure divine infinite potential to further glorify the greatness of God through the auspices of equivalently fulfilling our respective duties/tasks in a truly worthy manner; doing what we love, loving what we do; being true to our nature as well as nature true to our truthfulness of life/our creative evolution; realize that work is worship; attending true each and every task with pure awareness, pure conscientiousness,pure focus, pure mindfulness and pure intentionality=shuddh bhavana that is likewise permeating=suffusing and nourishing each and every cell of our being ever sow graciously/gratuitously.

Realizing upon elevating/expanding our higher consciousness upon the integral essence of our being/creative evolution; that God is the breath within our breath and the blood that flows through our veins is the sacredness of the purity of God’s creation; then we exalt our thinking, our feelings, our being and our consciousness to the pedestal of the divine light that’s within as well as all around us ever sow conscientiously and with profound respectfulness bow and gently blow=flow with our breath the gratuitousness of thankfulness over and over again; it means, that in whatever we do, thankfulness flows; we are not perturbed or inundated with the multiplicity of the assignments/agendas/chores/commitments/duties/objectives/obligations/responsibilities/vocations/tasks; rather,we are very most joyously integrating them within the framework of our respective curriculum’s of each day and harmoniously aligning with what was, is and will ever be, by forever being consonantly in divine union with each and every now; the present moment of our lives with a sense of pure awareness and pure mindfulness ever sow graciously/gratuitously.

Coming back once again to the point of the chasing, the more we chase God everywhere else while ignoring the divinity within us, the more aloof/distanced and ignorant we become all the more of God’s divine grace; its not that the divinity’s grace reduces, it ever graciously/gratuitously prevails/flows; but the realization; the pure joy of experience that divine oneness with God remains very far away due to our own self inflicted deviations/ignorance’s? Till we awaken true the divine essence of our being and embrace the completeness,the totality and wholeness of the. divinity enshrined within the pure sacredness of our soul’s might take a lifetime or yet far much more? Its all our own sets of choices and then when we can actually worship the divine within our souls, why do we keep doubting this sacred soil of creation that has and remains an integral part/pivotal path of ourselves please?

When we experience our divine oneness with God within us, then we will forever be living in divine communion with our pure consciousness and experience the divine grace of God’s divinance within/right across our lives ever sow graciously/gratuitously; My Mother used to always, each and every day, teach and guide me and now when I reflect after so  many years, it all comes through quite amazingly; at that time, I never realized how much of preciousness she was indoctrinating and now with each and every breath, I seek to experience her divine grace, I humbly bow to her/God’s divine grace that flows through my veins and each and every cell of my being ever sow graciously/gratuitously; God wants true belong true you and likewise for you true belong to God; the divine communion of your pure consciousness awaits your divine alignment with itself as the pure wonderfulness and divine oneness of God’s creations; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

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