Wrong, People are Never Unworthy, How Can You Declare for the Universe Please?


Your life asks how worthy have you been true your ownself please? Fulfill that worthiness, then all other people whose admiration/appreciation/association and recognition that you cherish will manifest in your life; for you cannot just keep drawing from an emptiness; it will intensify the emptiness all the more; kindly do not mis understand that there’s attribution to any emptiness within you; its just a symbolic reference; to drive the point straight true its appoint instead of just going round about; realize the divine essence of your being and never ever pass any statement for “people” since if some people are or have not been reciprocating or been responding unfairly, then somehow,  somewhere, its the matrix of the karmic doshas=the deeds factor/covenant=the sow/reap axiom that is ensuring firm retribution, for somehow, somewhere at some given point in time, you might have likewise made someone else undergo a similar set of trials, so well, whether you remember or not, this is it; it has come back true awaken you to realize and awaken true the divine essence of your nature and never ever categorize all people as the above quote; some people does not mean all people, sum people is the totality of the wonderfulness of life’s divine graciousness; clarify your perspective please; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi

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