Gratuitously Thanking the Five Divine Elements of the Universe; Jai/Jaya Panch Mahabhoota, Shiva Shakti bhava






When we do things out of habit, we have a bit. However, when we do thinks ought of orbit (akasha tattva=the ether/space element), we hover a bit; (albeit, we expand our consciousness and elevate/raise it to the level of the divine light within as well as all around us); be its our having. In orbit we soar and thereby emanates the statement; so be it, so be it, sow be its.

These few words are humbly seeking to first of all make it a habit everyday to graciously thank the five elements of nature; the panch mahabhootas such as Akasha tattva (Ether element); the Agni tattva (Fire element), the Jal tattva (Water element), the Prithvi tattva (Earth element) and the Vayu tattva (Air element).

All of the divine tattvas; the panch mahabhootas are prevalent in each and every constitutionality of the creative evolution of the Universe since time immemorial. When we are gratuitously expressing our thankfulness to each and every tattva=element, its reverentially honoring their graceful divine essence/presence/prevalence in our ever creative evolution.

From the above, the most salient apparently is the Akasha tattva=The Ether/Space element is ever expanding and thereby in its evolution, when we humbly glide with it during our daily meditation sessions during the early morning hours with utmost devotion; we are aligning with/tapping into the mahatt tattva(pure intelligence of the cosmos) whereby we are invoking a greater/gracious synergistic pattern/path in of our prana kundalini shakti (pure life force energy) true be revitalized=re nourished with each and every breath, ever sow chastely.

All we do is utter the humble recitations, preceding with jai/jaya; the Sanskrit translation of jai/jaya refers to victory and is synonymous with joy that’s pure and emanates from the sacred echelons of our souls. So in thanking the five elements=the panch mahabhootas, we are connecting with them although for barely a few moments “intentionally”; this intentionality=shuddh bhavana is orbiting across the cosmos and coming back into out lungs and permeating/suffusing us with its divine energies of greater creative intelligence.

This means that while we are performing our worldly duties in an committed/devoted manner, likewise, we are fulfilling our cosmic/astral/space orientated due=ties in their reverential mannerism by profusely expressing our sincere thankfulness to the five elements=the panch mahabhootas significant divine potentiality in our lives and our universe.

It is not about reaching across the akashic records=the supreme repository that archives all the divinance of creative evolution or any other action-initiative; but humbly with our shuddh bhavana=pure intentionality to=true express our note of thanks to the panch mahabhootas=five elements. We may have seen some of the greatest achievers looking up at the sky sometimes/intermittently in between their aha moments; they are profusely expressing their thankfulness to the akash tattva=the space/ether element for bestowing them with the “realization” of the true awakening to this ever graciously divine potential that enables us to graciously honor all the other four elements with utmost reverence for without our creative intelligence, we maybe wandering with all that we have, but no purposeful direction to venture towards; that’s why the akash tattva=the space/ether element is predominantly the cohesive impetus that evokes us true awaken to the completeness, the totality and the wholeness of the universe within us, around us as well as beyond us and express, jai/jaya; victory, thanks and joyfulness to all the panch mahabhootas=five elements.

In briefly concluding this very brief reverential attribution which of course duly merits further elaboration/importance to the other four tattvas=elements as well; however when we honor one element=the akash tattva=the space/ether element; then we have already gratuitously expressed our utmost thankfulness to the other four as well; for they are all inseparable and work in divine ordinance with one another; which means that thanking one with utmost reverence/respectfulness; we are thanking each and every one of them with that same degree of respectfulness as well.

Its the same with our worship of God; we learn from that, when we are doing what we are doing with our pure devotion, whether in our personal or professional capacities, we are worshiping God, for the divinance of God’s grace is prevalent in all of God’s creations and all of us are interconnected at the soul consciousness level. Now let us humbly recite the thankfulness of our everyday, it takes a few moments, but may be the more meant that fuses=that revitalizes the core realms of our creative intelligence far more exponentially while nourishing and suffusing our veins with the divine graciousness of the creative evolution of all of life in its glorious breath that we partake with utmost reverentiality and express, as follows

Jai/Jaya Akasha; tattva (Ether element); Shiva Shakti bhava

Jai/Jaya Agni tattva (Fire element); Shiva Shakti bhava

Jai/Jaya Jal tattva (Water element); Shiva Shakti bhava

Jai/Jaya Prithvi tattva (Earth elementl; Shiva Shakti bhava

Jai/Jaya  Vayu tattva (Air element); Shiva Shakti bhava

All of the divine creative energies seeks for us to be true to our nature; to experience our true nature, to experience our trueself, to experience our divine essence; our sacred oneness with the supreme consciousness and attend to each and every aspect/task with complete pure awareness, with complete pure conscientiousness, with complete pure focus, with complete pure intentionality=shuddh bhavana and with our complete pure mindfulness ever sow graciously, gratuitously, ingeniously, vigilantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2016 Vashi Chandi